5 Letter Words Starting and Ending with K (15 Words)

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Wordle is undoubtedly one of the most popular web-based word games, with millions of daily players. Each day, players have six chances to guess a new hidden 5-letter word. After every guess, in-game hints will tell you which letters are correct, incorrect, or in the wrong spots. 

If your in-game hints tell you that you need to think of some 5-letter words that start and end with K, we have a list of words that might help you. Below, you can find a list of all Wordle-compatible words that meet your needs. 

15 Words Starting and Ending with K

15 5-letter words start and end with the letter K, and you can find the complete list of words below. Feel free to enter your correct or incorrect letters in the box to narrow the list further. You can do this manually, but we wanted to make things easier for our readers.

5-Letter Words that Start and End with K List

  • krunk
  • kapok
  • kaiak
  • kyack
  • kopek
  • kwink
  • kayak
  • klick
  • kiosk
  • kiack
  • kamik
  • knack
  • knock
  • knick
  • kulak

There you have it; enter any of these 5-letter words into your Wordle game. If you are stumped and don’t know how to proceed in today’s puzzle, I hope our list helps you solve it!

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