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Here is the answer for the betrayed 7 little words clue to help you finish the daily puzzle.
betrayed 7 Little Words

Each day, players get seven clues and answers to figure out in the 7 Little Word daily puzzle. Some days are a breeze, but you will inevitably encounter some challenging clues. When that happens, there’s nothing wrong with looking up a hint or two to help you figure out the puzzle and move on with your day. Below is the answer to the betrayed 7 Little Words clue.

The “betrayed” 7 letter answer can be a tricky one to figure out in the daily 7 Little Words puzzle. Not to worry, though, because we put together a list of known answers for this clue down below. You may see more than one answer because the game may use the same clue across multiple puzzles. Double-check the letters to make sure you’re using the correct answer if that’s the case.

betrayed 7 Little Words Answer

The betrayed 7 Little Words answer is:

  • CROSSED (7 letters)

The clue and answer above was in the 7 Little Words puzzle.

Crossed Definitions and Synonyms

Cross Definition

Cross noun
  1. a mark, object, or figure formed by two short intersecting lines or pieces (+ or ×)
  2. an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion.
  3. an animal or plant resulting from crossbreeding; a hybrid
  4. a pass of the ball across the field toward the center close to one's opponents' goal
Word Origin
late Old English cros (in the sense ‘monument in the form of a cross’), from Old Norse kross, from Old Irish cros, from Latin crux
Cross verb
  1. go or extend across or to the other side of (a path, road, stretch of water, or area)
  2. pass in an opposite or different direction; intersect
  3. draw a line or lines across; mark with a cross
  4. (of a person) make the sign of the cross in front of one's chest as a sign of Christian reverence or to invoke divine protection
  5. pass (the ball) across the field toward the center when attacking
  6. cause (an animal of one species, breed, or variety) to interbreed with one of another species, breed, or variety
  7. oppose or stand in the way of (someone)
Cross adjective
  1. annoyed

Cross Synonyms

Synonyms for cross include:

  • crucifix
  • rood
  • hybrid
  • hybridization
  • cross-breed
  • mixed breed
  • half-breed
  • half blood
  • mixture
  • amalgam
  • blend
  • combination
  • composite
  • conglomerate
  • travel across
  • go across
  • cut across
  • make one's way across
  • traverse
  • range over
  • tramp over
  • wander over
  • span
  • bridge
  • arch
  • ford
  • intersect
  • meet
  • join
  • connect
  • criss-cross
  • interweave
  • intertwine
  • oppose
  • resist
  • defy
  • thwart
  • frustrate
  • foil
  • obstruct
  • impede
  • hinder
  • hamper
  • block
  • check
  • deny
  • contradict
  • argue with
  • quarrel with
  • angry
  • annoyed
  • irate
  • irritated
  • in a bad mood
  • peeved
  • vexed
  • upset
  • irked
  • piqued
  • out of humour
  • put out
  • displeased
  • galled
  • resentful

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