Computer key below Shift Crossword Clue

Here are all of the known answers for the Computer key below Shift crossword clue to help you complete the daily puzzle.
Computer key below Shift Crossword Clue

The crossword clue Computer key below Shift with 7 letters was most recently seen on May 21, 2022. Below, we have compiled a list of the possible answers for this crossword clue, including those found in prior crossword puzzles. You can also find the definition of the relevant words to help you understand this clue.

The likely answer to the Computer key below Shift crossword clue is CONTROL, which was last seen on the NYT Mini crossword. You may see multiple answers listed below, and that means the same clue was used in other crossword puzzles. The same clue may have different answers, depending on the date of the crossword’s publication, so double-check the letter count to make sure it fits in the grid.

Computer key below Shift Crossword Clue

The answer to the Computer key below Shift crossword clue is:

  • CONTROL (7 letters)

The crossword clue above was last seen on May 21, 2022 in the NYT Mini.

Computer key below Shift Crossword Clue FAQ

Control Definition

Control noun
  1. the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events
  2. a group or individual used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment
  3. a member of an intelligence organization who personally directs the activities of a spy
  4. a high card that will prevent the opponents from establishing a particular suit
Word Origin
late Middle English (as a verb in the sense ‘check or verify accounts’, especially by referring to a duplicate register): from Anglo-Norman French contreroller ‘keep a copy of a roll of accounts’, from medieval Latin contrarotulare, from contrarotulus ‘copy of a roll’, from contra- ‘against’ + rotulus ‘a roll’. The noun is perhaps via French contrôle
Control verb
  1. determine the behavior or supervise the running of
  2. take into account (an extraneous factor that might affect results) when performing an experiment

Control Synonyms

Synonyms for control include:

  • jurisdiction
  • sway
  • power
  • authority
  • command
  • dominance
  • domination
  • government
  • mastery
  • leadership
  • rule
  • reign
  • sovereignty
  • supremacy
  • ascendancy
  • predominance
  • hegemony
  • standard of comparison
  • benchmark
  • standard
  • check
  • be in charge of
  • run
  • be in control of
  • manage
  • direct
  • administer
  • head
  • preside over
  • have authority over
  • supervise
  • superintend
  • oversee
  • guide
  • steer

Crossword Puzzle Inventor

Arthur Wynne was the creator of the modern-day crossword puzzle. Wynne was born June 22, 1871, in Liverpool, England. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 19 and created the first crossword puzzle while working for the New York World. The crossword was originally named "Word-Cross," but due to a typesetting error the words were reversed and the name stuck.

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