Happy tail movements Crossword Clue

Here are all of the known answers for the Happy tail movements crossword clue to help you complete the daily puzzle.
Happy tail movements Crossword Clue

The crossword clue Happy tail movements with 4 letters was most recently seen on May 19, 2022. Below, we have compiled a list of the possible answers for this crossword clue, including those found in prior crossword puzzles. You can also find the definition of the relevant words to help you understand this clue.

The likely answer to the Happy tail movements crossword clue is WAGS, which was last seen on the NYT Mini crossword. You may see multiple answers listed below, and that means the same clue was used in other crossword puzzles. The same clue may have different answers, depending on the date of the crossword’s publication, so double-check the letter count to make sure it fits in the grid.

Happy tail movements Crossword Clue

The answer to the Happy tail movements crossword clue is:

  • WAGS (4 letters)

The crossword clue above was last seen on May 19, 2022 in the NYT Mini.

Happy tail movements Crossword Clue FAQ

Wag Definition

Wag verb
  1. (with reference to an animal's tail) move or cause to move rapidly to and fro
  2. play truant from (school)
Word Origin
Middle English (as a verb): from the Germanic base of Old English wagian ‘to sway’
Wag noun
  1. a single rapid movement from side to side
  2. a person who makes jokes; a joker
  3. a person who plays truant
Word Origin
mid 16th century (denoting a young man or mischievous boy, also used as a term of endearment to an infant): probably from obsolete waghalter ‘person likely to be hanged’ (see wag, halter)

Wag Synonyms

Synonyms for wag include:

  • swing
  • sway
  • shake
  • swish
  • switch
  • quiver
  • twitch
  • flutter
  • waver
  • whip
  • oscillation
  • vibration
  • undulation
  • waggle
  • wiggle
  • wobble
  • wave
  • shake
  • flourish
  • brandish
  • humorist
  • comedian
  • comedienne
  • comic
  • funny man
  • funny woman
  • wag
  • wit
  • jester

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