Lend, as money Crossword Clue

Here are all of the known answers for the Lend, as money crossword clue to help you complete the daily puzzle.
Lend, as money Crossword Clue

The crossword clue Lend, as money with 4 letters was most recently seen on May 22, 2022. Below, we have compiled a list of the possible answers for this crossword clue, including those found in prior crossword puzzles. You can also find the definition of the relevant words to help you understand this clue.

The likely answer to the Lend, as money crossword clue is SPOT, which was last seen on the NYT Mini crossword. You may see multiple answers listed below, and that means the same clue was used in other crossword puzzles. The same clue may have different answers, depending on the date of the crossword’s publication, so double-check the letter count to make sure it fits in the grid.

Lend, as money Crossword Clue

The answer to the Lend, as money crossword clue is:

  • SPOT (4 letters)

The crossword clue above was last seen on May 22, 2022 in the NYT Mini.

Lend, as money Crossword Clue FAQ

Spot Definition

Spot noun
  1. a small round or roundish mark, differing in color or texture from the surface around it
  2. a particular place or point
  3. a small amount of something
  4. denoting a system of trading in which commodities or currencies are delivered and paid for immediately after a sale
  5. a banknote of a specified value
  6. a bar or other drinking establishment (usually in a private home in a township) that operates without an official permit
Word Origin
Middle English: perhaps from Middle Dutch spotte. The sense ‘notice, recognize’ arose from the early 19th century slang use ‘note as a suspect or criminal’
Spot verb
  1. see, notice, or recognize (someone or something) that is difficult to detect or that one is searching for
  2. mark with spots
  3. place (a billiard ball or football) on its designated starting point.
  4. give or lend (money) to (someone)

Spot Synonyms

Synonyms for spot include:

  • mark
  • patch
  • pop
  • dot
  • speck
  • speckle
  • fleck
  • smudge
  • smear
  • stain
  • blotch
  • blot
  • splash
  • daub
  • place
  • location
  • site
  • position
  • point
  • situation
  • scene
  • setting
  • locale
  • locality
  • area
  • neighbourhood
  • region
  • bit
  • little
  • some
  • small amount
  • morsel
  • modicum
  • bite
  • notice
  • see
  • observe
  • discern
  • detect
  • perceive
  • make out
  • pick out
  • distinguish
  • recognize
  • identify
  • locate
  • stain
  • mark
  • fleck
  • speckle
  • blotch
  • mottle
  • smudge
  • streak
  • splash
  • spatter
  • bespatter

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