Hour’s 3,600 – 7 Little Words

Here is the answer for the hour's 3,600 7 little words clue to help you finish the daily puzzle.
hour's 3,600 7 Little Words

Each day, players get seven clues and answers to figure out in the 7 Little Word daily puzzle. Some days are a breeze, but you will inevitably encounter some challenging clues. When that happens, there’s nothing wrong with looking up a hint or two to help you figure out the puzzle and move on with your day. Below is the answer to the hour's 3,600 7 Little Words clue.

The “hour's 3,600” 7 letter answer can be a tricky one to figure out in the daily 7 Little Words puzzle. Not to worry, though, because we put together a list of known answers for this clue down below. You may see more than one answer because the game may use the same clue across multiple puzzles. Double-check the letters to make sure you’re using the correct answer if that’s the case.

hour's 3,600 7 Little Words Answer

The hour's 3,600 7 Little Words answer is:

  • SECONDS (7 letters)

The clue and answer above was in the 7 Little Words puzzle.

Seconds Definitions and Synonyms

Second Definition

Second numeral
  1. constituting number two in a sequence; coming after the first in time or order; 2nd
  2. subordinate or inferior in position, rank, or importance
  3. an attendant assisting a combatant in a duel or boxing match.
Word Origin
Middle English: via Old French from Latin secundus ‘following, second’, from the base of sequi ‘follow’. The verb dates from the late 16th century
Second verb
  1. formally support or endorse (a nomination or resolution or its proposer) as a necessary preliminary to adoption or further discussion
  2. transfer (a military officer or other official or worker) temporarily to other employment or another position
Word Origin
early 19th century: from French en second ‘in the second rank (of officers)’
Second noun
  1. a sixtieth of a minute of time, which as the SI unit of time is defined in terms of the natural periodicity of the radiation of a cesium-133 atom.
  2. a sixtieth of a minute of angular distance.
Word Origin
late Middle English: from medieval Latin secunda (minuta) ‘second (minute)’, feminine (used as a noun) of secundus, referring to the ‘second’ operation of dividing an hour by sixty

Second Synonyms

Synonyms for second include:

  • next
  • following
  • after the first
  • subsequent
  • ensuing
  • succeeding
  • coming
  • secondary
  • lower
  • subordinate
  • subsidiary
  • lesser
  • minor
  • subservient
  • supporting
  • lower-grade
  • inferior
  • formally support
  • give one's support to
  • announce one's support for
  • vote for
  • back
  • back up
  • approve
  • give one's approval to
  • endorse
  • promote
  • commend
  • assign temporarily
  • lend

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