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Here is the answer for the leaf collectors clue to help you finish the daily 7 Little Words puzzle.
leaf collectors 7 Little Words

Each day, players get seven clues and answers to figure out in the 7 Little Word daily puzzle. Some days are a breeze, but you will inevitably encounter some challenging clues. When that happens, there’s nothing wrong with looking up a hint or two to help you figure out the puzzle and move on with your day. Below is the answer to the leaf collectors 7 Little Words clue.

The “leaf collectors” 5 letter answer can be a tricky one to figure out in the daily 7 Little Words puzzle. Not to worry, though, because we put together a list of known answers for this clue down below. You may see more than one answer because the game may use the same clue across multiple puzzles. Double-check the letters to make sure you’re using the correct answer if that’s the case.

leaf collectors 7 Little Words Answer

The leaf collectors 7 Little Words answer is:

  • RAKES (5 letters)

The clue and answer above was in the 7 Little Words puzzle.

Rakes Definitions and Synonyms

Rake Definition

Rake noun
  1. an implement consisting of a pole with a crossbar toothed like a comb at the end, or with several tines held together by a crosspiece, used especially for drawing together cut grass or fallen leaves, or smoothing loose soil or gravel.
  2. a fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous habits
  3. the angle at which a thing slopes
  4. the angle of the edge or face of a cutting tool.
  5. a number of railroad cars or wagons coupled together
  6. a herd of colts.
Word Origin
Old English raca, racu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch raak and German Rechen, from a base meaning ‘heap up’; the verb is partly from Old Norse raka ‘to scrape, shave’
Rake verb
  1. collect, gather, or move with a rake or similar implement
  2. set (something, especially a stage or the floor of an auditorium) at a sloping angle
Word Origin
early 16th century (as a verb): probably related to German ragen ‘to project’, of unknown ultimate origin

Rake Synonyms

Synonyms for rake include:

  • playboy
  • libertine
  • profligate
  • scrape together
  • scrape up
  • collect
  • gather

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