Pokemon GO Dragon Type Pokemon List and Attacks

We have the complete list of all Dark type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including Bug type fast and charged attacks, and Bug type effectiveness.
Pokemon GO Dragon Type Pokemon List and Attacks

Dragon-type is one of the 18 elemental types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Most Dragon type Pokemon are pseudo legendary or Legendary Pokemon, and as such, have the highest health pools and the highest Special Attack of all other Pokemon types. Unfortunately, Dragon types can only deal super effective damage against their own typing.

Below you can find a list of all Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including the pure Dragon types, a breakdown of all Dragon-type fast and charged moves, and the effectiveness and weaknesses of this element.

All Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

There are 68 Dragon-type Pokemon in total, with 13 being pure Dragon-type. Below you can find the full list of all Dragon-type Pokemon, as well as a list of pure Dragon-type Pokemon.

Dragon-type Pokemon List

Total: 55

Pure Dragon-type Pokemon List

Total: 13

Dragon-type moves

These are all the Dragon-type moves, including fast and charged attack moves. There are seven Dragon-type moves in total, two of them being fast moves and five charged moves. The best Dragon-type Pokemon charged move is Draco Meteor, dealing 150 Damage at a cost of 65 Energy.

Fast moves

Move NameDamageDPSEPSTime
Dragon Tail1513.68.21.1
Dragon Breath612.08.00.5
Hidden Power1510.010.01.5

Charged moves

Draco Meteor15062.53.63.00
Dragon Pulse9045.03.62.15
Dragon Claw5044.61.71.10

Dragon-type effectiveness and weaknesses

Dragon-type Pokemon has the following effectiveness and weakness against other types:

  • Strong against: Dragon
  • Weak against: Fairy, Steel
  • Resistant to: Electric, Fire, Grass, Water
  • Vulnerable to: Dragon, Fairy, Ice

Check out our Pokemon GO effectiveness and weakness chart for a complete list of all types.

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