Pokemon GO Fighting Type Pokemon List and Attacks

We have the complete list of all Fighting type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including Fighting type fast and charged attacks, and Fighting type effectiveness.
Pokemon GO Fighting Type Pokemon List and Attacks

Fighting-type is one of the 18 elemental types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Fighting types are vulnerable to three different types of Pokemon. As their name implies, these Pokemon types are very strong offensively, and it’s the only type that is super effective against Normal. As such, these Pokemon also generally have the strongest physical Attacks.

Below you can find a list of all Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including the pure Fighting types, a breakdown of all Fighting-type fast and charged moves, and the effectiveness and weaknesses of this element.

All Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

There are 61 Fighting-type Pokemon in total, with 27 being pure Fighting-type. Below you can find the full list of all Fighting-type Pokemon, as well as a list of pure Fighting-type Pokemon.

Fighting-type Pokemon List

Total: 61

Pure Fighting-type Pokemon List

Total: 27

Fighting-type moves

These are all the Fighting-type moves, including fast and charged attack moves. There are 18 Fighting-type moves in total, four of them being fast moves and five charged moves. The best Fighting-type Pokemon charged move is Flying Press, dealing 110 Damage (105.2 DPS).

Fast moves

Move NameDamageDPSEPSTime
Rock Smash1511.57.71.3
Karate Chop810.012.50.8
Low Kick610.010.00.6
Hidden Power (Fighting)1510.010.01.5

Charged moves

Flying Press110105.22.31.0
Aura Sphere9090.01.81.0
Sacred Sword5576.41.20.5
Dynamic Punch9060.02.71.2
Focus Blast14056.03.53.0
Close Combat10043.52.31.0
Power-Up Punch5037.92.01.7
Cross Chop5033.31.50.8
Drain Punch5031.62.41.0
Brick Break4030.31.60.8
Low Sweep4025.51.91.3

Fighting-type effectiveness and weaknesses

Fighting-type Pokemon has the following effectiveness and weakness against other types:

  • Strong against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
  • Weak against: Bug, Fairy, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Psychic
  • Resistant to: Bug, Dark, Rock
  • Vulnerable to: Fairy, Flying, Psychic

Check out our Pokemon GO effectiveness and weakness chart for a complete list of all types.

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