Pokemon GO Ground Type Pokemon List and Attacks

We have the complete list of all Ground type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including Ground type fast and charged attacks, and Ground type effectiveness.
Pokemon GO Ground Type Pokemon List and Attacks

Ground-type is one of the 18 elemental types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. These Pokemon types are the only ones super effective versus Electric, not to mention they are super effective against five types in total, including Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel. Pairing these types with Fighting-types makes for great coverage.

Below you can find a list of all Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including the pure Ground types, a breakdown of all Ground-type fast and charged moves, and the effectiveness and weaknesses of this element.

All Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

There are 67 Ground-type Pokemon in total, with 17 being pure Ground-type. Below you can find the full list of all Ground-type Pokemon, as well as a list of pure Ground-type Pokemon.

Ground-type Pokemon List

Total: 67

Pure Ground-type Pokemon List

Total: 17

Ground-type moves

These are all the Ground-type moves, including fast and charged attack moves. There are 12 Ground-type moves in total, three of them being fast moves and nine being charged moves. The best Ground-type charged move is Precipice Blades, dealing 130 Damage (99.4 DPS).

Fast moves

Move NameDamageDPSEPSTime
Mud Slap1812.98.61.4
Hidden Power (Ground)1510.010.01.5
Mud Shot58.311.70.6

Charged moves

Precipice Blades13099.41.71.4
Earth Power10055.63.62.7
Drill Run8045.72.81.7
Mud Bomb5539.92.31.7
Bone Club4030.31.61.0
Sand Tomb6027.34.01.7

Ground-type effectiveness and weaknesses

Ground-type Pokemon has the following effectiveness and weakness against other types:

  • Strong against: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
  • Weak against: Bug, Flying, Grass
  • Resistant to: Electric, Poison, Rock
  • Vulnerable to: Grass, Ice, Water

Check out our Pokemon GO effectiveness and weakness chart for a complete list of all types.

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