Ready or Not: 213 Park Homes Package Location (Raid)

If you’re getting into the SWAT-like game, Ready or Not, and are wondering how to complete the missions in 213 Park Homes, we’ve got your solution with our guide. 

Unlike other missions in Ready or Not, 213 Park Homes ask the player to “Locate Crystal Meth Packages.” However, finding the hidden drugs is easier said than done, which is why this guide is here to help. 

Where to Find Meth Packages in 213 Park Homes

The Meth Packages in the 213 Park Homes can be found behind the glass partition in the laundromat and inside a desk drawer on the second floor of the meth lab at the top of the hill. 

First Meth Package Location

The first meth package is fairly easy to find. The laundromat is located outside on the lower street. Make your way down the stairs if you’ve spawned on the upper spawn point near the meth house–otherwise, turn right, and the laundromat, a big rectangular building, will have a staircase leading to the front door. 

Laundromat Ready or Not

After you clear out the area, make your way to the hallway to the right so that you can get behind the counter. The meth will be located under a box on the counter, next to the phone and a cup of coffee. 

Meth Package 213 Park Homes

Second Meth Package Location

The second meth package is a bit hard to find but is easily obtainable once you know where to look. You can find it on the second floor of the meth lab at the top of the hill. Walk down the hallway and enter the door to the right. The package is located in the top drawer of the desk in front of the door. 

There are two homes that are connected on the second story in the level, so make sure you’re looking for the package in the one at the very top of the hill. Once you neutralize all enemy combatants and secure all civilians, you should complete the mission. 

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