The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Lets Players Design Cards

This unique game has a ton of deck customization.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, the upcoming deckbuilder published by Devolver Digital, released more details about their in-depth card-building system. 

Currently under development by a smaller Spanish indie Studio called Deconstructeam, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is an upcoming deckbuilder that will release later this year for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Today, we caught a glimpse of some of the more in-depth card-building mechanics that will be available in the game via a short YouTube video that outlines how players can combine different elements of each card to create a unique card with extraordinary abilities. 

According to the video description: 

The elements you combine on your cards will determine their meaning, letting you read the fortunes of a diverse group of witches to determine the trajectory of their lives and the fate of your coven.

Unlike other deck-builders, which typically have a wide range of different cards that players can unlock and use, it seems like The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood will enable players to combine different aspects of each card, then design it — creating a fully unique card and experience for each item in your deck. 

According to the trailer, the steps to create your own card in the game include: 

  • Summoning a Sphere
  • Adding Arcana
  • Adding Energy Symbols 

From here, players will be able to design their own cards, which will be imbued with elements that you used to combine to create it. 

We’re excited to see more from this unique indie title. For more game updates, see our news section