The Cycle Frontier No Season Running – What Does It Mean?

If you're seeing an error code saying there's No Season Running in The Cycle Frontier, here's what it means.

Players looking to snag some rewards from The Cycle Frontier Fortuna Pass might be a little confused when they get the message saying, “No Season Running.” Alongside this error is some text, “any unclaimed Aurum or vanity rewards you were entitled to have been automatically added to your account.” Here’s what it means and why you’re seeing this message.

The Cycle Frontier players who speak with the Fortuna Pass vendor and go to the Fortuna Pass rewards tab may see an error saying No Season Running. This prevents you from accessing the current season’s rewards, which may leave some players wondering what’s happening.

The Cycle Frontier No Season Running

The “No Season Running” message in The Cycle Frontier is showing up because the developers have temporarily disabled the Fortuna Pass while working to resolve connectivity issues that players are encountering.

As per their tweet, The Cycle Frontier plans to continue working on the issues and will update players as soon as they have more to say.

For now, there’s not much you can do to access the Fortuna Pass. It’s temporarily disabled, so you’ll need to wait for the developers to re-enable access to it. In the meantime, you can keep grinding unless you’re experiencing connectivity issues, in which case you’ll want to give it some time so things get ironed out.

You can check out The Cycle Frontier Fortuna Pass rewards for Season 1 while you’re waiting. There are 100 tiers of rewards to be claimed, including lots of skins, weapons, ammunition, and other useful items to help you survive out there on those strange and deadly planets.

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