Across the Obelisk Update Arrives Alongside The Wolf Wars DLC

The deckbuilding roguelite gets some new features and its first DLC.

Across the Obelisk just dropped a major update today alongside a new DLC called The Wolf Wars. Players that complete the Wolf Wars story will unlock Yogger, a new playable character with unique abilities. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the latest Across the Obelisk patch in update 1.1.

Across the Obelisk Update 1.1 Patch Notes

Here’s what’s new in Across the Obelisk update 1.1:

  • The Black Forge & Frozen Sewers
  • Combat Log
  • New Weekly Challenge Features
  • Obelisk Challenge Improvements
  • New Corruptions and Enemy Pets
  • Miscellaneous Changes

The two new areas, The Black Forge and The Frozen Sewers, both contain unique lore, new events, items, enemies, and bosses. You can find the Black Forge on the Velkarath map in the raging volcano and the Frozen Sewers below the elven city on the Faeborg map.

A highly requested feature — the combat log — has also been implemented in update 1.1. Players can now take a look back at what happened during combat to see which cards were used. 

The Weekly Challenge has also been improved with new features, and completing them will reward players with exclusive cardbacks that are not available elsewhere in the game. One cardback is available per week.

Obelisk Challenge also sees some improvement in this patch, with four new possible bosses that can appear as the final boss on the third floor, along with Archon Nihr. Players can now see the three bosses during the draft to help deckbuilding. Enemies and champions are also now visible on the map to help you decide your route.

Lastly, 15 new corruptions have been added to the game, some of which are exclusive to Weekly Challenges. Balance changes have also been made, such as the Upwind corruption now being more powerful. In addition, some of the new enemies from this patch have pets!

Aside from those major changes, there are a few general changes; most notably, the experience curve to level up heroes and obtain perks is now much faster. Various bugs and performance/stability issues have also been addressed.

Patch notes are available on the official Steam page