Review Policy

At Gamer Digest, integrity is our number one aim, and we craft our reviews with that goal in mind. When gamers come to our site, it’s with the expectation that we’ll tell the unvarnished truth, and that is no more important than within our game reviews. 

Our Reviewers: Our reviewers spend ample time playing the game, which means reaching the end-game before writing the review. They have expertise in that specific game genre, so they understand what the community wants and can fairly and accurately weigh what is important. 

Our Review Rubric: Game reviews are inherently subjective, but we aim to provide unbiased feedback and criticism based on what we believe to be the most critical aspects of a game. Games are graded on a 1-5 rubric for gameplay mechanics, story, visuals, sound, and value, which are averaged, each holding equal weight.

Review Timing: Many games now take the live-service model, meaning that any game can transform in the blink of an eye. We will review games in alpha, beta, and early-access stages but will also update reviews when the full version of the game releases. This will be clearly designated on all reviews. 

Each review goes through our rigorous review process and is always checked by our Editor-in-Chief, though the opinions of the reviews come solely from the writers. 

Gamer Digest will never accept compensation in return for a positive review.