Adopt Me Lunar New Year Pets & Prices

Here are all the new Adopt Me pets and prices for the Lunar New Year 2023 event!

Lunar New Year 2023 begins on January 22, and Roblox’s most popular pet collection game, Adopt Me, is celebrating with an event. The Adopt Me Lunar New Year Event begins tomorrow and brings some exciting new pets and content.

Adopt Me is introducing a new currency known as Lanterns. Players can use Lanterns to purchase new Lunar New Year Event pets. There are two ways to get Lanterns. Players can purchase Lanterns using Robux over at the Lantern icon or participate in the Lunar New Year minigame. At the start of each minigame, players must run around the map to collect as many as possible before the timer expires.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year Pets and Prices

These are all the new Adopt Me Lunar New Year pets:

  1. Umami Rabbit (Uncommon): 250 Lanterns
  2. Moon Rabbit (Rare): 375 Lanterns
  3. Water Rabbit (Ultra Rare): 475 Lanterns
  4. Black Moon Bear (Rare): chance for 300 Lanterns
  5. Water Moon Bear (Ultra Rare): chance for 300 Lanterns
  6. Lunar Moon Bear (Legendary): chance for 300 Lanterns
  7. Winged Tiger (Legendary): 650 Robux

2023 is the year of the Rabbit, so there are three rabbit-themed Adopt Me Lunar New Year pets, including the Umami Rabbit, Moon Rabbit, and Water Rabbit.

There’s also a Moon Bear Box that costs 300 Lanterns for players that want to try their luck. Inside the box is a chance for a Black Moon Bear (Rare), a Water Moon Bear (Ultra-Rare), or a Lunar Moon Bear (Legendary).

Players can also spend money on Lunar New Year vehicles and items. The Crescent Moon Car (Legendary) is 10,500 bucks, Lantern Earrings are 310 bucks, and the Dumpling Friend Hat is 1200 bucks. This year’s premium pet is the Legendary Winged Tiger, which is 650 Robux.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year Legendary Winged Tiger

Adopt Me’s Lunar New Year Event starts on January 19 at 11 a.m. ET.