Anime Catching Simulator Codes (April 2024)

Use our complete list of Anime Catching Simulator codes for free in-game bonuses and rewards!

Anime Catching Simulator is a Roblox experience created by developer BestBunny. Players in this game can collect various anime characters, enhance their power, and battle the evil forces of the world. Accumulate gold and other items to boost your power, and use these Anime Catching Simulator codes to get some bonus freebies, like boosts, dust, and in-game money.

April 16 2024: We checked for new Anime Catching Simulator codes.

Anime Catching Simulator Cotes

Here are the working codes for Anime Catching Simulator:

  • WEEKENDGIFT2: Boosts
  • WEEKENDGIFT1: Boosts
  • BESTBUNNY: Bunny x3
  • IAASTTCODE: Boss Token x50, Ultra Ball x10, Summer Super Tokens x10
  • FAKECODE: 100 Summer Coins
  • JUSTAJOKE: 100 Summer Coins
  • THISISAFAKECODE: 100 Summer Coins
  • CANYOUFINDIT: 100 Summer Coins
  • IAASTTCODE: 50 Boss Tokens, 10 Ultra Balls, 10 Summer Super Tokens
  • SUMMEREVENTS: Boosts and Tokens
  • 250KLIKES: Boosts and Tokens
  • SOCIAL: Boosts and Tokens
  • SKIBIDI: Boosts and Tokens
  • 500SOULS: Boosts and Tokens
  • 20KCCU: Boosts and Tokens
  • NEWSEASON: Gem Pack x100, Boss Token x10, Skill Token x20, Dust x20
  • DISCORDREWARD2: Power Boost (15 mins), Dust x20
  • FIXBUG1: Immortal Bunny
  • UPDATE2: 5 Money, Lucky, and Power Boost (1 hour)
  • DISCORDREWARD: Lucky Boost (15 mins), Dust x20
  • NEWGAME: x7.77K Money

Expired codes:

  • There are no expired codes at this time.

How to Redeem Anime Catching Simulator Codes

Here’s how to redeem codes for rewards in Anime Catching Simulator.

  1. Launching Anime Catching Simulator on Roblox
  2. Tap the Settings button on the top left
  3. Enter a code in the code box at the bottom of the Settings menu
  4. Press the green checkmark to claim the rewards
How to Redeem Anime Catching Simulator Codes

You can only use each code one time. Codes also may be case-sensitive, so copy and paste them directly from the list to avoid making typos. New codes release often, so consider bookmarking this page and checking back daily for new ones!

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