AU Reborn Characters and Controls

Here's a complete list of AU: Reborn characters and controls for the popular Roblox fighting game.

AU: Reborn, also known as Anime Unlimited: Reborn, is a Roblox fighting game where players battle it out against others in various game modes. This game has many playable characters, and they all have unique moves and controls. This guide will give you a rundown of all the AU Reborn characters and controls, so you can reference them while you’re playing.

AU Reborn Characters

These are all the AU Reborn Characters:

  • All Might
  • Asuna
  • Boa Hancock
  • Fubuki
  • Garou
  • Giorno Giovanna
  • Gojo Satoru
  • Gon Freecss
  • Hit
  • Ippo
  • Issei
  • Jolyne Kujo
  • Jonsey
  • Kaneki
  • Kefla
  • Kirito
  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Shisui Uchiha
  • Tanjiro Kamado
  • Tsuna
  • Yor
  • Yugi

AU Reborn Controls

The AU Reborn controls are:

  • M1: basic attack (used to start or extend combos)
  • 1-4: skills
  • 5: resolve
  • E: passive
  • F: block attacks (perfect blocking happens with perfect timing, stunning the enemy)
  • G: awakening (purple bar below HP, fills by doing damage)
  • Q: dash (can only dash once while under 25% health)
  • Space: jump
  • Shift: sprint

If you’re using a controller, these are the AU: Reborn controls:

  • X: basic attack
  • Y: passive
  • A: jump
  • B: block
  • R3: awakening
  • L3: sprint
  • D-Pad: dash
  • Bumpers/Triggers: skills

AU Reborn Character Controls

All Might Controls

  • LMB: Rapid Punches
  • Passive: 20% damage reduction
  • 1: Texas Smash (punches forward)
  • 2: California Smash (launch forward and slam opponent)
  • 3: Hero Smash (grab the opponent by legs and slam them)
  • 4: Detroit Smash (slam your fists into the ground and make a shockwave)
  • G: All Might goes beyond his limits
    • 1: United States of Smash
    • 2: Carolina Smash
    • 3: Detroit Smash
    • 4: Oklahoma Smash

Asuna Controls

  • LMB: rapid slashes
  • E: Switch (Asuna dashes at enemy in range)
  • 1: Linear (guard break, deals 7.5 damage and knockback)
  • 2: Star Splash (lockable, barrage of thrusts, hitting enemy 20 times dealing 0.5 damage per hit)
  • 3: Flashing Penetrator (guard break, sauna dashes and thrusts long range, dealing 5 damage and stunning for a combo extend)
  • 4: Aero Penetrator (Asuna backs down and assumed defensive stance, if hit, sauna jumps and slashes for 15 damage)
  • G: Mother’s Roasrio (Asuna readies up, if enemy is in range she slashes rapidly, jumping, and slashing to the ground dealing 75 damage and heals to max HP)

Boa Hancock Controls

  • LMB: Punches
  • 1: Pistol Kiss (guard break, boa shoots out a powerful love pistol)
  • 2: Slave Arrow (shoots out powerful love arrows)
  • 3: Love Love Beam (use your Mera Mera no mi into a powerful beam of hearts that turns the enemy to stone)
  • 4: Love Love Kick (boa uses her legs to kick the opponent)
  • G: Ultimate (Boa grabs opponent and does a kick combo)

Fubuki Controls

  • The character is unfinished.

Garou Controls

  • LMB: Punches
  • 1: Whirlwind Stream Rock Smashing Fist (Garou does a stance, if attacked the opponent gets punched and knocked back)
  • 2: Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist (Garou does an air palm and stuns the opponent)
  • 3: Flowing Stream (Garou does a barrage of punches, good for combo extend)
  • 4: Whirlwind Water Stream (a powerful grab goes through block and knockback on the final hit)
  • G: Awakening
    • 1: Exploding Heart Release Punch
    • 2: God Slayer Instant Attack
    • 3: God Slayer Ascending Attack
    • 4: Cosmic Fear (switches moveset)
      • Exploding Heart Release Punch
      • Nuclear Fission, Gravity Fist
      • Hyperspace Eradication
      • All Life Eradication Fist, Gamma Ray Burst

Giorno Giovanna Controls

  • LMB: Stand Fist
  • 1: Muda Barrage (attacks enemy with 4 M1 combos, with the fourth doing a knockback)
  • 2: Tree (summons a tree on enemy)
  • 3: Heal (heals for 10 HP)
  • G: Golden Experience Requiem
    • Muda Muda muda Barrage
    • Scorpion Lazar
    • Zero
    • Return to Zero

Gojo Satoru Controls

  • LMB: Rapid Punches
  • 1: Reversal Red (guard break)
  • 2: Lapse Blue (lockable, attracts enemies to the explosion, dealing damage and stun)
  • 3: Unbelievable Speed (teleports behind enemy and stuns them)
  • 4: Infinity (uses infinity, stunning and slowing enemy in range)
  • G: Six Eyes
    • 1: Maximum Output: Reversal Red
    • 2: Maximum Output: Lapse Blue
    • 3: Domain Grab
    • 4: Hollow Purple

Gon Freecss Controls

  • LMB: Punches
  • 1: Rock (performs nen in the form of a rock that strikes where you’re facing, dealing 12.5 damage)
  • 2: Paper (performs nen in the form of a projectile, dealing 17.5 damage)
  • 3: Scissors (performs nen in the form of scissors and rushes opponent, dealing 7.5 damage)
  • G: Adult Gon
    • 1: Rock (40 damage)
    • 2: This is The End (75 damage)
    • 3: Dark Nen
    • 4: I did what you said (20 damage)

Hit Controls

  • LMB: Rapid Punches
  • 1: Death Blow (guard break, punches air, and sends out a Hit strike)
  • 2: Time Skip: Moltov (Hit disappears and reappears, delivering a flurry of punches and damage to nearby enemy)
  • 3: Deadly Stance (Hit teleports behind an enemy and kicks them away)
  • 4: Time Lag (Hit enters time skip and leaves behind an image)
  • G: Killer of Universe
    • 1: Stance

Ippo Controls

  • Passive: Damage 2x higher
  • 1: Gazelle Punch (heavy strike with guard break
  • 2: Liver Punch (punches the liver)
  • 3: On Guard (performs guard stance)
  • 4: 1-2 (performs a two-hit boxing combo)
  • G: Ultimate (does a long boxing hit combo)

Issei Controls

  • The character is unfinished.

Jolyne Kujo Controls

  • LMB: Stand Punches
  • 1: Ora Barrage (rapidly punches the enemy)
  • 2: String Net (creates a string net at your cursor, wrapping inwards and doing damage)
  • 3: String Trap (puts a remote-triggered trap on the ground, which bursts up and ensnares enemies)
  • 4: Ora (smashes forward, punching anyone in the path and pulling them inward)
  • G: Yare Yare Dawa
    • Ora Ora Ora
    • String Net
    • String Barrier
    • Go Web Go


  • The character is unfinished.

Kaneki Controls

  • E: Kagune (brings forth your Ka
  • 1: Slam (Kaneki leaps and slams the ground)
  • 2: Frenzy (performs a barrage)
  • 3: Leap (leaps into the sky)
  • 4: 1000-7 (grabs opponent and does a donut slam)
  • G: Kakuja Kagune
    • I Can Hear Them
    • They’re Crawling
    • Why Me?
    • 993 7?

Kefla Controls

  • The character is unfinished.

Kirito Controls

  • The character is unfinished.

Naruto Uzumaki Controls

  • LMB: Punches (punch combo that knocks back enemy)
  • 1: Rasengan (close-range charged attack)
  • 2: Shadow Clones (summon 3 shadow clones)
  • 3: Substitution (teleport above opponent)
  • 4: Uzumaki Barrage (summon a clone and do a quick 2-hit attack)
  • G: Awakening Naruto Goes into Beast Mode
    • 1: Vermillion Rasengan (charge up an attack and blast the enemy)
    • 2: Claw (punch your enemy to the ground)
    • 3: Roar (charge up and stun the enemy)
    • 4: Uzumaki Barrage (four-punch combo that goes through block)

Shisui Uchiha Controls

  • LMB: Rapid Slashes (hits the enemy 3 times with his blade)
  • 1: Body Flicker (teleport behind the enemy and slash them)
  • 2: Halo Dance (blast enemies with fire)
  • 3: Fireball Jutsu (create a big flame and burn your enemies)
  • 4: Kotomatsukami (make your opponent rip their own heart out)
  • G: Susanoo
    • 1: World Pierce (pierce the ground and unleash shockwave)
    • 2: Perfect Guard (go into guard mode and take less damage)
    • 3: Tsukomo (attack the enemy quickly 40 times)

Tanjiro Kamado Controls

  • LMB: Rapid Slashes
  • 1: Striking Tide (guard break, slashes in front dealing a flurry of 15 hits)
  • 2: Water Wheel (dashes and uses a water wheel damaging and ragdolling anyone hit)
  • 3: Water Surface Slash (guard break, slashes enemy using water breathing)
  • 4: Waterfall Basin (dashes and s lashes down to unleash a waterfall slash for 11 hits)
  • G: Sun Breathing
    • Fire Dance
    • Flame Dance
    • Rising Sun
    • Burning Bones, Summer Sun

Tsuna Controls

  • LMB: Rapid Punches
  • E: Enhance (applies more fire damage to the next skill move)
  • 1: X-Burner (shoots out fire)
  • 2: X-Stream (makes a fire tornado)
  • 3: Big Bang Axe (summons a giant fireball)
  • 4: Zero Point Breakthrough
  • G: Dying Will

Yor Controls

  • LMB: Combat Fist
  • 1: Hairpin Stab (brings out a hairpin and strikes the enemy)
  • 2: Piercing Kick (guard break, kicks the opponent)
  • 3: Hairpin Throw (throws a hairpin)
  • 4: Up Kick (performs two strikes and down slams them with a down-axe kick)
  • G: Assassin Yor
    • Bullet Kicks
    • Pressure Points
    • Flying Kick
    • Up Kick

Yugi Controls

  • LMB: Punches
  • 1: Draw (plucks a card from his deck for random buffs)
  • 2: Mirror Force (summons a card to reflect damage)
  • 3: Dark Magician Girl (strikes opponent with dark lightning)
  • 4: Raigeki (brings out a card to strike whoever is in a range)
  • G: Awakening
    • Sword of Revealing Light
    • Dark Magician
    • Raigeki
    • Thunder Force

AU: Reborn is available on Roblox, which you can download from the Roblox websiteGoogle Play, and the App Store.