Barotrauma: How to Recruit Victoria Petran

Some people prefer to lead from the front.

Barotrauma has released version 1.0 today. The “2D co-op Drowning Simulator” has been in the works for a long time, and it’s good to see the developer’s efforts pay off. Version 1.0 brings long-awaited updates to the faction system, which is part of what we’re covering today. Read on for our guide on how to recruit Victoria Petran, First Lieutenant of the Jovian Separatists.

How to Recruit Victoria Petran in Barotrauma

In order to recruit this skilled officer, players need to make contact with the Jovian Separatists and raise their reputation level. This can be done before you leave the first biome, and her bonus-experience talents, in particular, are great for getting a headstart.

Meeting the Separatists

The Jovian Separatists can be found on any station with a “closed fist” icon. Stations can be harder to find in the later biomes, so repair Beacon Stations (found along the paths between areas) to make them more likely to appear. As with any other station, you can look for the “speech bubble” icon to find the station’s manager and pick up jobs for their faction.

Coalition and Separatist Station Icons
Coalition and Separatist Station Map Icons

Building Reputation

Once you’ve picked up some missions, you need to return to your submarine and select a destination. Destinations marked with circles are those that have missions attached. Select the missions you want to take and head out. Be warned: the missions that grant you the most reputation with the Separatists will also hurt your standing with the Coalition. Read the mission details before you go.

If your reputation is low enough, Coalition stations will attack you on sight. Separatist Missions often involve traveling to Coalition stations, so run Coalition missions too, to cancel out the loss of standing. It is possible to befriend both sides but it takes longer. You can use the money and increased standing to hire more capable sailors at the stations while doing this.

Barotrauma: Building Reputation

Meeting Victoria

Victoria isn’t easily impressed. We were at 85 Reputation with the Separatists before we found her. Once you’re close to this amount, start checking in at Separatist Stations like before. Make sure to explore them fully; she met us near the entrance the first time but is often in random spots. Eventually, you should see her on board a station; you’ll see a yellow “!” icon showing you can interact with her. Hear her out, and you can add her to your team.

Victoria Petran Barotrauma
Meeting Victoria Petran

Victoria is already a veteran sailor, so she comes with several talents from the Captain’s Talent Tree. These are focused on granting experience to sailors and using pistols. Victoria can also take Talents from the Security tree; she starts with 4 free Talent points to get started. As a bonus, she has very high skill scores in most categories and good starting equipment. We suggest trading out the hat for a ballistic helmet ASAP; it wouldn’t be fun to lose your star player to a lucky shot.

Victoria Petran Stats


  • Weapons: 100 (+15)
  • Mechanical Engineering: 100 (+10)
  • Electrical Engineering: 75 (+10)
  • Medical: 50 (+10)
  • Helm: 10 (+20)

Carried Items:

  • Handcannon (6 shots)
  • Separatist Body Armor
  • Separatist Costume
  • Renegade’s Hat
  • Headet
  • ID Card


  • Commendation: “Whenever you finish at least 1 mission, gain a Commendation. When you apply a Commendation on another character, give them 275 experience.”
  • Campaigning: “Affiliated faction Shipyards offer 20% discount for upgrades and buying Submarines. You may select an additional mission.”
  • Your Reputation…: “When entering a new outpost you have positive reputation with, gain 500 marks. Doubled for Cities.”
  • Quickdraw: “If it has been longer than 8 seconds since you’ve attacked with a pistol, your next attack with a pistol is 25% more powerful.”
  • Big Guns: “Deal 30% more damage with Revolvers and Handcannons to monsters. Unlock Recipe: Handcannon, Handcannon Round.”
  • Inspiring Presence: “Crew members in the same room that gain a skill point, instead get 3. Crewmembers walk 5% faster.” 
  • Figurehead: “Replaces Commendations with Medals that give 550 XP. If the character is then below level 5, give them XP to reach level 5. All services on Affiliated faction outposts give 20% discount.”

That was our Barotrauma guide on recruiting Victoria Petran. We’re still digging into the 1.0 update to see what else Europa is hidden in the depths, so feel free to share your finds in the comments.

We’re not looking forward to whatever nightmares they’ve added to the deep. Check our other Barotrauma Section to be as ready as possible.