BattleBit: Best RSH12 Loadout

If you're trying to determine the best mods for the RSH12 pistol, our BattleBit RSH12 Loadout will let you know what attachments you need.

The RSH12 is one of the best Pistol options in the game. A solid option for all players, the RSH12 does some of the greatest damage for a pistol in the entire game. With around 60 points of damage, you can take out most enemy combatants with just two shots. If you’re unsure of what attachments to rock, keep reading for the best RSH12 BattleBit Remastered loadout.

Best RSH12 BattleBit Loadout 

  • Main Sight: Red Dot/Pistol 8x Scope
  • Side Rail: None 
  • Barrel: Suppressor Long

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Weapon Stats 

With this build, the RSH12 will have the following stats:

  • Damage: 60
  • Armor damage: 0 
  • L-Armor Damage: 5 
  • Vertical recoil: 11.70
  • Horizontal recoil: 4
  • First Shot Kick: 1.8 
  • Velocity: 350
  • Accuracy: 74.24
  • Firerate: 160
  • Sound Spread: 210
  • Muzzle Flash scale: 0
  • Control: .86
  • Aim down time: .10
  • Running speed: .98
  • Reload Time: 4.93
  • Draw Speed: 1

The RSH12 has a ton of kick and only 6 rounds, so you’ll need to line up your shots as you won’t be able to fire it quickly. The high damage means that you’ll be able to take out most damaged enemies in a single shot and almost every enemy with two shots, either to the chest or head. 

We put the Suppressor Long on the gun because it increases the recoil, which is already incredibly high, so it doesn’t make much of a difference but does conceal your location. If you like to use it at a long-range, we recommend an 8x Scope, as you’ll be able to zoom far into the battlefield. If you are going to go close to mid-range, use the Red Dot, per usual.

The RSH12 is one of the best pistols in the entire game, and if you get good at controlling the high initial kickback, you can use the pistol to finish off damaged enemy combatants for a pretty powerful 1-2 punch if you’re running an SMG or M4A1

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