BattleBit: Best SCAR-H Loadout

If you're trying to figure out the best mods for the hard-hitting SCAR-H, our BattleBit SCAR-H Loadout will let you know what attachments you need.

The SCAR-H is one of the lesser-used assault rifles in BattleBit, but it can be used more like a semi-automatic sniper rifle or DMR. The SCAR-H does serious damage, but the recoil is typically too high to rock as an AR in close-quarters combat. This loadout is meant to be used at range with semi-automatic fire on. This will better leverage the SCAR-H great damage output than if you run the gun fully auto for close-quarters combat. If you’re unsure what attachments to use, keep reading for the best SCAR-H BattleBit Remastered loadout.

Best SCAR-H BattleBit Loadout 

  • Main Sight: TR14X32
  • Canted Sight: Red Dot 
  • Side Rail: Rangefinder
  • Underbarrel Rail: S E-5 Grip
  • Barrel: Suppressor Long
  • Magazine: Quick-A

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Weapon Stats 

With this build, the SCAR-H will have the following stats:

  • Damage: 42.00
  • Armor damage: 0 
  • L-Armor Damage: 6
  • Vertical recoil: 1.93 
  • Horizontal recoil: 1.96
  • First Shot Kick: 1.20 
  • Velocity: 760
  • Accuracy: 75.50
  • Firerate: 600
  • Sound Spread: 210
  • Muzzle Flash scale: 0
  • Control: .65
  • Aim down time: .21 
  • Running speed: 0.91 
  • Reload Time: 4.10 
  • Draw Speed: .89

The SCAR-H is one of the best guns in the entire game if you use it as a single-shot long-range rifle. With the canted Red Dot sight, you can spam left-click to shoot the gun at a pretty quick rate of fire with little recoil. The TR14X32 does have some kick to it, especially after the first shot, so aim for the head to take out enemies quickly and efficiently at range. 

With the addition of the long suppressor, you can flank enemies at a distance and laser those pushing you with your canted sight. However, if you try to use this gun like the AK74 or M4A1, the recoil will likely be too much to handle, regardless of what attachments you add to the gun. 

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