BattleBit: How to Change Class

Which class will you choose in BattleBit Remastered?

In BattleBit Remastered, there are several classes you can choose that adjust which weapons and gadgets you can select in your Loadout. With a wide array of different abilities, weapons, and items, players can pick a class that best suits their desired playstyle. If you’re wondering how to change class in BattleBit Remastered, this guide will walk you through things. 

How to Change Class in BattleBit Remastered

To change your class in BattleBit Remastered, click one of the class icons at the bottom of the deployment screen. To get to the deployment screen, players can hit ESC, then Respawn to change their class mid-battle, but it will kill your current character. Otherwise, you can adjust your class before you deploy on the map.

BattleBit Remastered Class Icons
BattleBit Remastered Class Icons

All Classes in BattleBit Remastered

There are a total of 6 classes in BattleBit Remastered, and they include: 

  • Leader
  • Assault
  • Medic
  • Engineer 
  • Support 
  • Recon


The Leader class is the lieutenant on the battlefield. Able to deploy Respawn Beacons around the map, their loadout is similar to the Assault class, but they are meant to lead the strategy in combat. 

Choose The Leader if you like strategy and commanding people using local VoIP. 


Assault is the typical frontline combat class in BattleBit. Players that choose the Assault class will start with the option of an M4 or AK. With access to the vast majority of items and weaponry, this is the well-rounded class in the game. 

Choose the assault class if you want a well-rounded combat class. 


If you are looking to heal in BattleBit Remastered, then choosing the Medic would be a smart choice. Medics are the battlefield’s doctors and can restore the health of allies and heal themselves. 

Choose the medic if you want to support your team with heals. 


With a wide range of items and weapons, Engineers can repair vehicles in BattleBit. There isn’t a tank or helicopter that an Engineer can’t fix. 

Equipped with various explosive options in your Loadout, select the Engineer if you’re a self-professed gearhead. 


The Support class can provide larger ammo supplies to replenish the team’s ammunition and can, in addition, instantly build structures to help defend the team. 

If you want to help the team through critical support options, choose this class. 


The Recon class, otherwise known as Snipers, have access to a wide array of scoped weapons. They also have access to a ranged drone that they can use to scout different areas. 

If you prefer shooting your enemies from afar, choose the Recon class. 

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