BattleBit Remastered July 9 Patch Notes

The BattleBit July 9, 2023 update brings the current game version to 1.7.2.

The recent BattleBit Remastered update brings backend updates that improve your game performance. Upon the game’s mass appeal and smash success, servers had some issues throughout the second week after the title’s launch. See below for the full patch notes. 

BattleBit Remastered July 9 Patch Notes

The BattleBit July 9, 2023 patch notes include the following updates and changes:

  • Heavy backend optimizations
  • Further CPU optimization
  • Client-side performance optimization
  • Possible fix for game lagging each 5 seconds
  • Rally points bugs entire UI if player joins to game while game is ending and there is a rally point deployed in their team fixed.
  • PP2000 attachment scaling fixed
  • Rsh12 magazine model fixed.
  • MP7’s magazines are back
  • Wakistan – CONQ 64v64 order of flag naming fixed.
  • SandySunset – Frontline initial spawn of the USA team pushed back by 50 meters to balance travel timing to the targeted objective for both teams
  • Frugis – Rush 32v32 added (3 steps / 5 objectives per step with 2 random active objectives)
  • Number of seats used will be displayed on vehicle if there are any users in the vehicle.
  • Twitch drops limit to 20 skins fixed. (If you have more than 20, it’s still there, our API call was limited to up to 20, it will auto-update in-game)
  • In cases of a player’s data is not updated from the game server to the backend, when a player attempts to join a new server, user stats will be synced much faster. (before 10-15 seconds, now 2 seconds).
  • Friends not loading in the party tab fixed.
  • Steam friend list causing lag every 5 seconds fixed.

In addition, the game’s new privacy policy was updated

Most of this week’s updates were on the backend to help performance, so there’s really nothing to note here except that the 5-second lag bug is finally fixed — a common problem for players. 

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