Berry Avenue Decal Codes: Pictures and Rugs (April 2024)

Use these Berry Avenue decal codes to customize your home's pictures, rug patterns, and more.

Berry Avenue RP is a Roblox game developed by Amberry Games. In this roleplaying game, players can hangout and explore the city and do various in-game activities. Rob a bank or become a police officer, become a student at the high school, work at a grocery store, or help others by working at the hospital. The world is your oyster on Berry Avenue. 

Part of the game is customizing and designing your own house. We have a list of Berry Avenue decal codes below that you can use in-game to customize your house decor. Choose from a variety of stylish rugs, pictures, and more, to create and furnish the house of your dreams. You can find out how to redeem decal codes in Berry Avenue in the section below.

April 12 2024: We checked for new Berry Avenue codes.

Berry Avenue Decal Codes

Use the Berry Avenue decal codes below to add new pictures, rugs, and other decors to your in-game home. We have seasonal decals to help get you to decorate your house for the holidays.

Berry Avenue Picture Codes

  • 5922466842: Christmas picture
  • 4526720903: Merry Christmas picture
  • 1592631240: Plant picture
  • 3589215665: Field of sunflowers picture
  • 6015760687: Merry Christmas picture 2
  • 1221803805: Merry Christmas picture 3
  • 6005854793: Christmas trees picture
  • 2079742572: Geometric pattern picture
  • 9353031172: Smiley face picture
  • 151736507: Pineapple picture
  • 6037342101: Candy cane and gingerbread man picture
  • 6082703912: Christmas candy cane and hot chocolate picture
  • 4516925404: Snowman picture
  • 5173423513: Shoreline picture
  • 5574237238: Beach horizon picture
  • 8779798577: Palm tree picture
  • 6715542424: Abstract geometric picture
  • 5212884207: Abstract geometric picture 2
  • 7994310754: Peach-colored abstract painting
  • 1219668357: ‘Tis the season to be jolly picture
  • 1226069938: December calendar decal

Berry Avenue Rug Codes

  • 2210271326
  • 7188188689
  • 5351706631
  • 1037395467
  • 5462048287
  • 2049956967
  • 2169206903

What are Berry Avenue Decal codes?

Berry Avenue decal codes are strings of numbers that represent a different in-game pattern. These patterns can apply to various objects for your in-game house, like pictures on the wall or rug patterns. There’s a wide variety of decals to choose from, similar to Roblox music IDs, which are uploaded by developers and other players.

How to use Berry Avenue codes in Roblox

To use Berry Avenue codes in Roblox, you’ll need to launch the game and get an in-game house. When you have your own house, you can walk up to the decor you want to customize, click where it says “Enter Decal ID,” and then enter a code. Press Done and the pattern associated with the Decal ID will be applied to the item.

How do i enter Decal Codes in Roblox Berry Avenue

That’s all the Berry Avenue codes we have for now, but you can check back later for more. We’ll update the list with new ones often, so you always have a fresh selection of options. Find more codes and walkthroughs in our website’s Roblox section.