Best Guns in BattleBit Remastered: Gun Tier List

If you're looking to improve your KD in BattleBit Remastered, you'll want to get the best weapons.

Update 7/17/23: We updated our tier list to better conform to the current meta.

BattleBit Remastered, the new low-poly FPS on Steam has a ton of different weapons and gadgets that players can choose from. Regardless of whether you like playing Assault, Medic, or Recon, having the right gun will ensure a good KD ratio. If you’re wondering what you should equip in your class loadout, look no further. Here’s our official tier list to let you know what the best guns are in BattleBit Remastered.

BattleBit Remastered Gun Tier List

  • S Tier: P90, FAL, M200, AK5C, Unica, Glock 18, Kriss Vector
  • A Tier: AK74, MP7, M4A1, AK15, RSH12, , HK419, ScoprionEVO, L86A1, Famas, MK14 EBR, MSR, M110, MP5, Groza, AUG A3
  • B Tier: Honey Badger, AS Val, UMP-45, MP9, AK15, L96, 636C, SCAR-H, M249, MK20, REM700, SSG69, SVD, G36C, RSH12, PP19
  • C Tier: ACR, Desert Eagle, SG550, MP443, SV-98, ACR
  • F Tier: USP, PP2000, M9


With a super-fast fire rate, the P90 is the premier weapon for run-and-gun players. If you like to fight in the close or medium range, there’s no better high-fire rate SMG that can outmatch the P90. 

P90 BattleBit


The FAL is one of the most powerful semi or fully-auto weapons in the entire game for the Assault class and can destroy enemies in just a few hits. With moderate recoil, this should be the end goal for any Assault player. 

FAL BattleBit


The Groza unlocks at level 55 and is a great weapon that can hold you over until you gain access to higher-tier weapons. It belongs in the S tier section because of its power relative to its Rank requirement. 

Groza BattleBit


Many would disagree that the AUG A3 belongs in S Tier, but we placed it there for its high damage, relatively low Rank required, and low recoil. A great option in both Semi-Auto or Automatic firing modes, consider putting a longer-range scope on this weapon if you like to fight at a distance. 

AUG A3 BattleBit


The M200 is the premier sniper in the entire game. With its quick scope-in time and 1-shot kills, you’ll be taking out enemies at a distance with ease. The only downfall? You’ll need to be Rank 100 to pick this gun up. 

M200 BattleBIt


The AK5C is one of the newer weapons added to the game and requires Rank 145 to unlock. While most players haven’t gotten that rank yet, the stats of the weapon are some of the best in the game. 

AK5C BattleBit


The Unica is what the Desert Eagle should be. Though it has a low bullet count due to the fact it’s a revolver, it packs a heavy punch and can take out enemies close range. 

Unica BattleBit

Glock 18

If you’re not an accurate shooter but still want a reliable sidearm, the Glock 18 should be your goal. Unlocked at level 80, it’s actually possible to put the Glock 18 into full-auto firing mode, making it a monster close range sidearm on the battlefield. 

Glock 18 BattleBit

And there you have it! That’s a list of the best guns in all of BattleBit Remastered. Of course, just like with most tier lists — this is based on opinions and the current state of the game. When the developers update or patch the guns, some will get nerfed while others are buffed. 

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