Deadly Sins Retribution Codes: Spins and XP (February 2023)

Get free Magic and Race spins, double experience, and stat resets with our up-to-date Deadly Sins Retribution codes list.
Deadly Sins Retribution Codes

Deadly Sins Retribution (DSR) is an anime-inspired game developed for the Roblox platform. In this game, players pick their race and magic and unleash their power against enemies to master their sins. Venture through the world, and see what you can unlock to become the strongest.

Use the Deadly Sins Retribution codes list below to get some free in-game spins, bonus experience, stat resets, and more. Codes are an excellent way to get a headstart and the Magic and Race rolls you want. Codes don’t last forever, though, so bookmark this page and check back soon for updates.

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January 31 2023: We checked for new Deadly Sins Retribution codes.

Deadly Sins Retribution Codes

Active Deadly Sins Retribution codes:

  • arcaneodyssey: 40 spins
  • newyear2023: 40 spins
  • happyholidays2022: 45 spins
  • thankful2: 40 spins
  • thankful: 25 spins
  • bossnerf: 25 spins
  • tiktokup: 25 spins
  • giftchange: 25 spins
  • dsryoutube: 15 spins
  • dsrtiktok: 20 spins
  • anniversarydelayed: 20 spins
  • freereset9: 10 spins
  • dropthegifts: 20 spins
  • getthepumpkin: Stat Reset
  • spookyseason: 10 spins
  • happyhalloween: 21 spins
  • fabisworking: 20 spins
  • freereset8: Stat Reset
  • raremagic1: magic spins
  • rarerace: race spins
  • weloveexp: Double XP
  • halloweenpart2soon: 20 spins
  • freereset7: Stat Reset
  • wereallydolovedsr: 35 spins
  • octobergoals: 21 spins
  • halloweenpoint: Stat Reset
  • happycode: 10 spins
  • deadlyforest: 15 spins
  • halloweenreward: 15 spins
  • halloweenfix: 5 spins
  • HALLOWEENPART1: 20 spins
  • delaycode: 30 spins
  • preupdatepatch3: Stat Reset
  • preupdatepatch2: Double XP
  • preupdatepatch: 15 spins
  • update4coming: 20 spins
  • freereset6: Stat Reset
  • 55klikes: 20 Spins, Double XP
  • somefixes: 10 Spins
  • fairy : Double XP
  • hellblaze: 25 Spins
  • freereset5: Stat Reset
  • mondayupdate: 15 Spins
  • update3coming: 15 Spins
  • fabgoestosleep: 10 Spins
  • freereset4: Stat Reset
  • robirthday: 30 Spins
  • chasethebag: 30 Spins
  • freereset3: Stat Reset
  • update2week: 15 Spins, Double XP
  • welovedsr: 10 Spins
  • fabfixesyetagain: 10 Spins
  • update2coming: 15 Spins, Double XP
  • 2500concurrent: 15 Spins, Double XP
  • freereset2: Stat Reset
  • novice: 5 Spins
  • eventtime: 10 Spins, Double XP
  • preupdatebugfix: 10 Spins
  • 50klikes: 10 Spins, Double XP
  • thankyou1700: 10 Spins
  • freereset: Stat Reset
  • upd1: 20 Spins, Double XP
  • updatesoon: 10 Magic Spins, Double XP

Expired Deadly Sins Retribution codes:

  • anotherbugfix
  • quickfix2
  • quickfix
  • yetanotherbugfix
  • fabfix1
  • fabdelay
  • thankyou1000
  • bugfix2
  • bugfix2.5
  • fab
  • clover_retribution
  • dsrlove

What are Roblox Deadly Sins Retribution Codes?

Deadly Sins Retribution codes are promotions given out by the game developer. These limited-time codes can be redeemed for free in-game Magic and Race spins, bonus experience, and stat resets. Codes expire quickly, so check for new ones often to avoid missing out on freebies.

How do I redeem codes for Deadly Sins Retribution?

To redeem codes for Deadly Sins Retribution:

  1. Launch Deadly Sins Retribution on the Roblox platform.
  2. Tap on the Customize button on the main screen.
  3. Enter a working code into the code redemption box at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Press the left arrow button and enjoy your free spins and rewards.

How do I get more Deadly Sins Retribution codes?

The best way to get new codes for Deadly Sins Retribution is by following the Deadly Sins Retribution Roblox page. You can also join the Discord server to stay up-to-date with any announcements. We monitor all the known code sources here and add them to our code wiki for your convenience, so follow along if you never want to miss out on freebies.

To play Deadly Sins Retribution, download the Roblox application from Google Play and the App Store.

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