Decaying Winter Trello Link and Guide (March 2023)

Decaying Winter is a fun team-based wave shooter in Roblox. To perfect your game and learn more, see the Decaying Winter Trello.
Decaying Winter Trello Link

Decaying Winter, developed by Archeximus, is a Roblox Experience where you battle waves of enemies to see how long you and your teammates can survive. Unlike other Roblox games, Decaying Winter is a survival and team-based shooter that is concentrated on teamwork. If you’re looking to improve in the game, you might want to research on the Trello board to discover everything there is to know.

The Decaying Winter Trello link is:

The Decaying Winter Trello allows the developer to communicate with the community. Wikis are helpful, but Trello contains more in-depth guides and information directly from the game’s developers. On the Trello board, you’ll find information about Perks, Traits, equipment, Maps, events, loadouts, base upgrades like the Personal Scrapper, Ration Dispenser, and Workbench, as well as enemies and allies.

Decaying Winter Trello Guide

The Decaying Winter Trello guide contains the following information:

  • Perks
  • Traits
  • Challenges & Rewards

Decaying Winter Perks

Here are all the perks in Decaying Winter, the Roblox Experience:

Basic Perks in Decaying Winter include:

  • Survivalist
  • Damned

Support Perks in Decaying winter include:

  • Lazarus
  • Zealot
  • Prophet
  • Sovereign
  • Mindflayer
  • Apostle

Frontline Perks in Decaying Winter include:

  • Berserker
  • Immolator
  • Executioner
  • Arbiter
  • Vagabond
  • Drifter

Backline Perks

  • Artillerist
  • Riskrunner
  • Hivemind
  • Blitzer
  • Tickspider
  • Crosslink

Decaying Winter Traits

Traits are attributes that buff the player in certain ways. They can vary from increased movement, health, damage output, gun, or melee performance.

Decaying Winter Traits are as follows:

  • Violent Tendencies: Perform light swings with melee weapons 45% faster.
  • Paranoid: Shoot semi-automatic firearms 50% faster.
  • Impatient: Gain 15% more movement speed.
  • Honorable: Gain 35% more melee damage while using Fists. Can Parry with Fists.
  • Tormented: Max Health increased by 20.
  • Dependable: Receive 15% less damage.
  • Survivor: Restore 1 health every 10 seconds.
  • Relentless: When below 30 health, gain infinite stamina.
  • Aggressive Behaviour: Gain 25% more melee damage while using Fists and perform shoves 30% faster.
  • Reliable: Perform Reloads with Firearms 65% faster. Faster chambering.
  • Manic: Perform Heavy Swings with melee weapons 45% faster.
  • Fearless: Receive 25% less damage from firearms and explosives.
  • Calm: Max Stamina increased by 75%.
  • Lone Wolf: Hip-fire ranged weapons 65% more accurately. Fanning and Levering.
  • Methodical: Deal 15% more melee damage.
  • Professional: Reduce felt recoil from all firearms by 65%. Cleaner aiming.

Decaying Winter Challenges & Rewards

In Decaying Winter, you can complete challenges for rewards, including a title and equipment. Players can have up to 3 challenges on the screen at any time.

Normal Challenges

Initiation Certificate

  • Reach Level 5.
  • Unlocks: Title – Rank + Perk
  • Grants access to all Perks.

Clean Shots

  • Score 25 headshots with any ranged weapon.
  • Unlocks: Title – Marksman, Auxiliary Equipment – Tear Gas


  • Land 50 Heavy attacks with Bludgeon weapons.
  • Unlocks: Title – Skull Cracker


  • Land 50 Heavy attacks with Spear weapons.
  • Unlocks: Title – Footmen


  • Land 50 Heavy attacks with Axe weapons.
  • Unlocks: Title – Axe Mania


  • Land 50 Heavy attacks with Blade weapons.
  • Unlocks: Title – Blademaster


  • Have 400 damage taken in total.
  • Unlocks: Title – Pincushion


  • Take 200 damage in a single life and survive without dying.
  • Unlocks: Title – Juggernaut, Auxiliary Equipment – SANC Matchsticks

Wild Hunter

  • Score 30 headshots with any Bow.
  • Unlocks: Title – Hunter , Auxiliary Equipment – Sharpnel Device


  • Die while dealing less than 50 melee damage to enemies in a single life.
  • Unlocks: Title – Fool

Master Fister

  • Land 50 Heavy attacks with your Fists.
  • Unlocks: Title – Fisting Artist

Tooth and Nail

  • Deal 500 total damage with melee weapons.
  • Unlocks: Title – Butcher, Auxiliary Equipment – Ballistic Dagger

Armed and Dangerous

  • Deal 500 total damage with Ranged weapons.
  • Unlocks: Title – Slayer, Auxiliary Equipment – Hologram Emitter

Supply Gatherer

  • Open 100 Lockers or Double Lockers in total.
  • Unlocks: Title – Scavenger, Auxiliary Equipment – Koldera Black


  • Execute 5 enemies with the Hunting Axe.
  • Unlocks: Title – (Bugged), Auxiliary Equipment – Throwing Knives


  • Mantle 30 times in total.
  • Unlocks: Title – Athlete, Auxiliary Equipment – Collapsible Ladder


  • Set 10 Deployables in total.
  • Unlocks: Title – Trapsetter, Auxiliary Equipment – Concertina Bomb

Healthy Feast

  • Consume 10 rations total.
  • Title – Healthy, Auxiliary Equipment – Dan Janiel No. 8

Perk Obtainment Challenges

These challenges will unlock specific perks. Here are all the Perk Obtainment Challenges in Decaying Winter:

Unseen Shadow

  • Eliminate 30 unaware enemies.
  • Unlocks: Title – Predator, Perk – Drifter

Fine Line

  • Eliminate 15 enemies in a row without taking direct damage.
  • Unlocks: Title – Dasher, Perk – Crosslink

The Sickler

  • Eliminate a Shadow Sickler
  • Unlocks: Title – Seeker, Perk – Apostle

Perk Mastery Challenges

These challenges are for obtaining 50,000 EXP, or the equivalent of 1000 basic enemies, with each Perk.

Survivalist Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Survivalist.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Jack Of All Trades’

Berserker Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Berserker.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Calamity Harbringer’

Artillerist Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Artillerist.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Argent Peacemaker’

Prophet Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Prophet.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘The True Seer’

Vagabond Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Vagabond.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Kira’

Zealot Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Zealot.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Helios Guardian’

Tickspider Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Tickspider.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘PARAGON Advocate’

Lazarus Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Lazarus.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Fallen Uriel’

Riskrunner Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Riskrunner.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Blaze of Glory’

Arbiter Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Arbiter.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Sentenza’

Damned Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Damned.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Punished and Condemned’

Blitzer Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Blitzer
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Rolling Thunder’

Mindflayer Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Mindflayer
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Archaic Mastermind’

Executioner Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Executioner.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Bounty Assassin’

Hivemind Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Hivemind.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Collective Consciousness’

Immolator Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Immolator.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Hellfire Demon’

Sovereign Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Sovereign.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Voidwalker’

Apostle Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Apostle
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Accursed Heretic’

Crosslink Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Crosslink.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Dancer of the Dexterous’

Drifter Mastery

  • Obtain 50000 XP with Drifter.
  • Unlocks: Title – ‘Nightmare Wraith’

We hope our Decaying Winter Trello Link and Guide helped you in the game. Get more codes for your favorite Roblox experience by visiting our Roblox game codes page.

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