Dordle Answers (October 2022) – Today’s Solution

Here are the Dordle answers for today and all the previous answers for past the past 30 days and beyond.
Dordle Answers

Dordle is one of many Wordle spinoffs that spawned immediately after the original blew up in popularity. For players looking for a bit of a challenge, Dordle’s objective is to figure out two five-letter words simultaneously. You get a few extra guesses, but it’s a step up in difficulty over the original. If you’re looking for the Dordle answers for today or any of the previous puzzles, we have what you need.

Figuring out the daily Dordle can be a challenge, so just refer to the Dordle solutions below if you’re completely stumped. Tap on the grayed-out area to reveal the answer, and refer to the section below for any of the historical answers in case you missed a day or two. The page is always up to date, so bookmark it and check back at any time that’s convenient for you!

Dordle Answers

Today's Dordle answer for October 5 is TORSO and WOUND

October Dordle Answers

  • Dordle October 4 Answer: ROGER, BESOT
  • Dordle October 3 Answer: AMISS, MEDAL
  • Dordle October 2 Answer: SNAKY, BRAKE
  • Dordle October 1 Answer: AWASH, OBESE

September Dordle Answers

  • Dordle September 30 Answer: SPARE, SWINE
  • Dordle September 29 Answer: PORCH, OUTER
  • Dordle September 28 Answer: ADEPT, RIVET
  • Dordle September 27 Answer: ARGOT, SUAVE
  • Dordle September 26 Answer: SAUCE, BADGE
  • Dordle September 25 Answer: SWUNG, SWEEP
  • Dordle September 24 Answer: FIFTY, GLOSS
  • Dordle September 23 Answer: TRACT, CRONY
  • Dordle September 22 Answer: LINGO, SHOOK
  • Dordle September 21 Answer: TRUCK, FORAY
  • Dordle September 20 Answer: LEAFY, LEAVE
  • Dordle September 19 Answer: FORAY, TAINT
  • Dordle September 18 Answer: HUTCH, COMIC
  • Dordle September 17 Answer: DETOX, ORDER
  • Dordle September 16 Answer: FINAL, TOUGH
  • Dordle September 15 Answer: NOISY, DEFER
  • Dordle September 14 Answer: YUCKY, CIVIL
  • Dordle September 13 Answer: BUTTE, CREEP
  • Dordle September 12 Answer: CLEAR, QUEST
  • Dordle September 11 Answer: RAJAH, PUREE
  • Dordle September 10 Answer: ALOFT, MILKY
  • Dordle September 9 Answer: BRINK, SCALP
  • Dordle September 8 Answer: FUNNY, WHINE
  • Dordle September 7 Answer: CRIER, MILKY
  • Dordle September 6 Answer: ANGEL, WHOOP
  • Dordle September 5 Answer: AMISS, WORRY
  • Dordle September 4 Answer: STEAK, DRILL
  • Dordle September 3 Answer: MOPED, WHALE
  • Dordle September 2 Answer: SCOOP, FUZZY
  • Dordle September 1 Answer: AROSE, BANAL

August Dordle Answers

  • Dordle August 31 Answer: ABBOT, AISLE
  • Dordle August 30 Answer: BROOD, EARTH
  • Dordle August 29 Answer: SWEEP, DETOX
  • Dordle August 28 Answer: SPECK, AUGHT
  • Dordle August 27 Answer: VALUE, HOUSE
  • Dordle August 26 Answer: JOINT, POLKA
  • Dordle August 25 Answer: FLARE, ALONG
  • Dordle August 24 Answer: FETUS, SHILL
  • Dordle August 23 Answer: ISLET, UNFIT
  • Dordle August 22 Answer: TRASH, LEASH
  • Dordle August 21 Answer: SCOLD, TROPE
  • Dordle August 20 Answer: CUMIN, WOODS
  • Dordle August 19 Answer: VOTER, FETID
  • Dordle August 18 Answer: STUNK, TASTE
  • Dordle August 17 Answer: STENT, HARSH
  • Dordle August 16 Answer: KNOCK, NEVER
  • Dordle August 15 Answer: CREEP, SWATH
  • Dordle August 14 Answer: MASON, REINS
  • Dordle August 13 Answer: WAGER, TUNIC
  • Dordle August 12 Answer: BUXOM, CHAFF
  • Dordle August 11 Answer: ANISE, IDYLL
  • Dordle August 10 Answer: THONG, FREER
  • Dordle August 9 Answer: USING, SAPPY
  • Dordle August 8 Answer: BARON, SPORT
  • Dordle August 7 Answer: ABBOT, VENUE

Dordle Answers FAQ

How do I play Dordle?

Dordle is free to play on the official Dordle website. The objective is to figure out two mystery five-letter words of the day in seven tries or less. Each guess needs to be a valid five-letter word, and the tile colors will clue you in on whether or not the letter is correct. Yellow tiles mean the letter is correct but in the wrong position. Green letters mean the letters are correct and in the right position.

How do I share my Dordle results?

After finishing the daily puzzle, a box will pop up with your daily stats. There is also a button to copy your results to the clipboard and copy your results to the clipboard in Discord format. Use the former if you want to paste it somewhere like Reddit, and the latter to paste it to your friends on Discord. You can use CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste the results.

When does the Dordle Reset?

Dordle resets daily at midnight local time.

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