Epic Games Free Game Next Week is a Highly-Rated Medieval PvP Game

Mordhau, the medieval slasher created by Triternion, has been announced as the next Epic Games Store free game of the week for April 13, 2023. 

You may remember the medieval PvP game Mordhau when it was first released on April 29, 2019. The epic multiplayer fighting game made a big splash when it first arrived, boasting a peak concurrent player count of 60,000 people on Steam, according to SteamDB, and 81% positive reviews on Metacritic. As time went on, however, some of the hype also dissipated, but the title was generally thought to be a fun action game you could jump into and enjoy. 

If you always wanted to try out the game but never wanted to drop the funds for it, you may get your chance, as Mordhau has been announced as the next Epic Free game of the week, along with Second Extinction, a co-op FPS title. 

The title will officially be free from April 13-20, 2023, and can be snagged on the Epic Games Store. This will also mark the debut of the game on Epic’s game platform. 

In Mordhau, players select their character, loadout, and adjust their build to their play style. With massive-scale battles that include up to 80 players, Mordhau is an epic medieval game that you should give a shot, especially if you’re an arms & armor buff. 

Watch the Mordhau official trailer below: 

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