GTA Online: How to Get the Avenger

With the hangar prerequisites for the Avenger removed players have been wondering how to get their hands on this flying beast in GTA Online

The hangar prerequisite to get the Avenger in GTA Online was dropped with the most recent Mercenaries DLC launched by Rockstar Games. To partake in all of the new content and missions, players must access a terminal within the Avenger. If you haven’t gotten one of these cargo helicopters yet, don’t worry — you’ve come to the right place. 

GTA Online: How to Get the Avenger

Players can purchase the Avenger helicopter in GTA Online from the Warstock Cache and Carry website for $3,450,000. The Operations Terminal is the upgrade you will need to access the new Project Overthrow and LSA Operations missions as part of the new DLC. The Operations Terminal upgrade costs $1,450,000. 

To access the new missions, walk up to the terminal inside of your Avenger. Hit right on the D-pad to exit flying mode. From here, you’ll gain access to Project Overthrow (Merryweather Security) and LSA Operations (Los Santos Angels) missions. 

Project Overthrow and LSA Operations missions GTA Online

Upgrading the Avenger

The Avenger has a variety of upgrades, which can be purchased on the Warstock Cache & Carry page. Avenger upgrades include: 

  • Interior
  • Gun Turret
  • Vehicle Workshop
  • Weapon Workshop
  • Operations Terminal

Players can further upgrade their Avenger by landing it near your hangar. The Hangar customization options include the following:

  • Charlie Upgrades
  • Armor
  • Bombs
  • Countermeasures
  • Engine
  • Handling
  • Livery
  • Respray

And there you have it! Now that you know how to get the Avenger in GTA Online, you can complete the new DLC missions and fly over the city of Los Santos. 

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