GTA Online Introduces Multi-Car Garage to Flex on Your Friends

The new Eclipse BLVD Garage in GTA Online lets players show off 50 cars across 5 floors. 

GTA Online is fun, but those that had an impressive fleet of vehicles had limited avenues to show them off. That all changes in the latest update and the new Eclipse BLVD Garage in Los Santos. The new garage is a 50-car, 5-story garage with sleek interiors players can customize. Here’s everything you need to know. 

How to Get the Eclipse BLVD Garage

To get the 50-car garage, open your phone and click the Dynasty 8 Listing. Once on the website, click the View Property Listings link, then select the Custom Garage option. The Eclipse BLVD Garage costs $2,740,000, so you’ll need some savings before purchasing it. 

After purchasing, players will have three interior options for the Eclipse BLVD Garage, which include: 

  • Immaculate
  • Industrial
  • Indulgent

In addition, players can select a color scheme for their garage. If you’d like to change the aesthetic inside the garage after buying it, you’ll need to spend money on the different options. 

Rockstar also updated and added several other things in this update. To see all the changes, head over to the GTA Online blog