How Does Gear Salvage Work in The Cycle Frontier?

Confused by insurance? If you've wondered how does gear salvage work in The Cycle Frontier, we've got your answers.

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person-shooter (FPS) battle royale PvE, PvP game developed by YAGER. In the game, you gear up and land on a planet called Fortuna III. If you die, you lose your gear. Luckily, there are systems in place that can help you save your hard-earned K-Marks and Aurum. Here’s how gear salvage and insurance work in The Cycle Frontier. 

How Does Gear Salvage Work in The Cycle Frontier?

Understanding Insurance vs. Gear Salvage

Gear Salvage and Insurance sound like fancy terms, so newer players might initially feel intimidated by it and may not understand it. Luckily, once you learn the core concepts, it’s simple to understand and determine whether you want to get Gear Salvage or Insurance on your gear. 

Simply put, each item has a K-Mark value associated with it. When you die, you lose your items and the K-Marks that you used to buy them—Insurance allows you to recuperate some of that K-Mark cost. Placing an item in Insurance typically recoups you 35-40% of the item’s value if you die. 

On the other hand, Gear Salvage allows you to get the item back in case you die. Rather than costing K-Marks, Gear Salvage costs Aurum or Salvage Tokens. This is the more cost-effective option if you plan on taking out expensive, high-level items or have attachments on your guns. Make sure that you have your Aurum generator, so you can generate those tokens for free.

How Does Gear Salvage Work in The Cycle Frontier?
Gear Salvage and Insurance via Gamer Digest

How to Get Gear Salvage and Insurance on Items in The Cycle Frontier

To Gear Salvage or put Insurance on items in The Cycle Frontier, simply click and drag the item over to the window. Before you launch, you’ll see how much the insurance costs and the potential payout if you lose your items. 

To get back your insured items, visit your apartment and head over to your Generators. You’ll find insurance packages near the bottom of the list. 

How Does Gear Salvage Work in The Cycle Frontier?
Apartment Generators, The Cycle Frontier via Gamer Digest

In the Cycle Frontier, a few stipulations must happen for you to get Insurance on lost items. You will not get K-Marks back if one of the following things happens:

  • You modify the weapon after you land. 
  • A teammate loots the item. 
  • You intentionally throw the item on the ground. This does not apply if you die and it falls to the ground.

Should You Get Insurance in The Cycle Frontier?

It really depends on your playstyle and luck when you land. If you hardly ever die or lose items, getting insurance or gear salvage might be a waste of money for you. If you find yourself constantly dying on planets and losing all your gear, you may want to soften the blow by insuring some of your items.

Losses when you’re decked out in Legendary gear can be pretty significant, but if your loadout is not as expensive, like in the instance you’re bringing out common weapons, then it’s probably not worth it to waste the currency on insurance.

While losing all your gear far outweighs the cost of getting insurance on it, we like playing on the edge, so we typically opt to not get it. You can consider it “hardcore” mode–but it’s not for the faint of heart.

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