How to Get Blessed Gems in Anime Story

Here's how to find Blessed Gems in Anime Story, and what they're used for in the game.

Anime Story is an anime-inspired Roblox game where you can venture out into the world and build your character based on various skills and powers. You’ll need a lot of materials to get the good stuff, and some items require Blessed Gems. Here’s how to get Blessed Gems in Anime Story.

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How to Get Blessed Gems in Anime Story

To get Blessed Gems in Anime Story, you’ll need to mine them from a Blessed Gem ore vein. These glowing yellow ore can randomly spawn in any of the ore nodes around the map.

There’s no specific spot that Blessed Gems spawn. However, your best odds of finding one are by playing in a private server. Check the Mineral Cave near spawn every 10 minutes, and you are bound to find a Blessed Gem eventually.

Anime Story Mineral Cave

What Are Blessed Gems Used for in Anime Story?

Blessed Gems are used to craft items at the blacksmith in the beginning area. You can use Blessed Gems to craft the following items:

  • Thor’s Might: 1 Divine Gem, 1 Thunder Gem, 1 Blessed Gem, 5 Iron
  • Celestial Blade: 1 Divine Gem

If you find a single Blessed Gem, you might want to consider using it to craft a Celestial Blade. That is unless you plan to save up for Thor’s Might. The Celestial Blade (also known as the Sword of Lord Memories in One Piece) is an amazing weapon that becomes stronger as the wielder levels up.

Anime Story Celestial Blade

You can also sell the Blessed Gem to Kintoki for 100 Gems. Kintoki is the NPC who shows up near the Police Station area during the random event.

Remember to mine every ore node you see because a new one will spawn in its place in about ten minutes. That will increase your overall odds of finding yourself more Blessed Gems!

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