How to Repair Armor in The Cycle Frontier

Are you getting wrecked in The Cycle Frontier? It might be your armor. Here's how to Repair Armor in The Cycle Frontier.

If you’ve dropped down in Fortuna III enough times, you’ll probably have already experienced broken armor. Whether it was an alien NPC or another player harassing you, having no armor leaves you incredibly vulnerable to attack. That’s why you should repair your armor in The Cycle Frontier before launching. 

Your body armor has durability that will be shown when you select it. Higher-level items will have higher durability and take longer to break. 

Armor reduces the incoming damage that you sustain in the game. Certain armor pieces like the Uncommon Tactical and Restoration Shields also provide you with buffs that improve your longevity in the game. See below to learn how to Repair your Armor in The Cycle Frontier. 

How to Repair Armor in The Cycle Frontier

Here’s how to repair your armor in The Cycle Frontier: 

  1. Log into the game. 
  2. Walk over to the Gear Printer to the right of the Fortuna vendor. 
  3. Hit D or click REPAIR.
  4. Click the piece of equipment you want to repair.
  5. Click the REPAIR button on the right. 
How to Repair Armor in The Cycle Frontier
Screenshot via Gamer Digest

And there you have it! Repairing your armor will cost varying amounts of K-Marks depending on how damaged the armor is and its quality. Higher quality armor will cost more to repair, so keep that in mind when picking your loadout. 

You can also repair items that are not equipped like armor picked up from enemies on the battlefield. It’s good practice to repair everything you have, so you never accidentally equip a piece of armor with low durability. 

Before you launch back out there, remember to repair every time, so you’re not left at a disadvantage when you land. Remember that most people will wear armor, even if it’s the Common armor, so you’ll be left a lot more squishy if you don’t have it equipped. 

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