Kengun Online Codes: Rerolls and Cash (April 2024)

Use these Kengun Online codes for stat resets, clan rerolls, and free in-game cash.

Kengun Online is a Roblox game created by Kengun Association, where players can try out various fighting styles and take it to the battlefield for some player-versus-player action. Join a clan for perks and pick from various styles to unlock unique abilities and skills. Master a fighting style to become a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

Use the Kengun Online codes below to get free in-game rewards like clan rerolls, cash bonuses, style resets, and more. You can find out how to redeem them in Kengun Online in the section below. New codes release often, so feel free to bookmark this page and check back for updates. Whenever a new code is released, we’ll have it on our list.

April 13 2024: We checked for new Kengun Online codes.

Kengun Online Codes

Active Kengun Online codes:

  • Final Reroll Code: 25 Clan Spins
  • Final Patreon Reroll Code: 25 Clan Spins (Patreon Supporters)
  • Final Tier 2 Patreon Reroll Code: 25 Clan Spins (Patreon Supporters)
  • 0.7.63 Cash: 5k Cash
  • 0.7.61 Cash: 5k Cash
  • 0.7.61 Patreon Cash: 5k Cash
  • 0.7.61 Teir 2 Patreon Cash: 5k Cash
  • 0.7.59 Rerolls: 5 Clan Rerolls
  • 0.7.59 Patreon Rerolls: 5 Clan Rerolls
  • 0.7.59 Teir 2 Patreon Rerolls: 5 Clan Rerolls
  • Chinese New Year Rerolls: 5 Clan Rerolls
  • Chinese New Year Style Reset Code: Style Reset
  • Shutdown Haircolor Rerolls: 5 Hair Color Rerolls
  • Shutdown Eyecolor Rerolls: 5 Eye Color Rerolls
  • Update 0.7.5 Rerolls: 10 Rerolls
  • Update 0.7.5 Cash: 10K Cash
  • Update 0.7.5 Patreon Rerolls: 5 Rerolls (Patreon Subs)
  • Update 0.7.5 Tier 2 Patreon Rerolls: 5 Rerolls (Patreon T2 Subs)

What are Roblox Kengun Online Codes?

Kengun Online codes are random words and strings of letters and numbers released by the game developer. Players can redeem codes for various in-game perks, such as free stat resets, clan rerolls, and cash. Codes expire quickly, so use them while they last to avoid missing out on freebies.

How do I redeem codes for Kengun Online?

To redeem codes in Roblox’s Kengun Online, launch the game and press “M” to open the menu. Tap on the slider icon to open the Game Settings, and then enter a working code into the code redemption box at the bottom of the window. Press Redeem to claim the in-game rewards.

How do I get more Kengun Online codes?

The best way to get new codes for Kengun Online is by following the developers on Twitter. You can also join the Discord server for announcements, game updates, and promotional events. You can also visit the Kengun Online Trello for more information. We monitor all known code distribution channels, and we’ll add them to our code wiki for your convenience.

To play Kengun Online, download the Roblox application from Google Play and the App Store. Get more codes for your favorite Roblox experience by visiting our Roblox game codes page.