Knotwords June 25 2022 Answers (6/25/2022)

Here are all of the Knotwords answers for today's puzzle on June 25, 2022, in case you need some help figuring it out.

Knotwords is a word game developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger. The game has a few different puzzles to try out, including a monthly playbook, a daily classic, and a daily twist. The anagrams can get tricky, so that’s why we have the Knotwords Saturday June 25 answer to the daily puzzle for you.

Below are the answers to the Knotwords Daily Classic June 25 2022 puzzle. If you’re looking for more Knotwords answers for previous days, you can visit our Knotwords section to browse through all of the puzzles.

Knotwords June 25 2022 Answers

The answers to the Knotwords daily classic puzzle on June 25 are:

  • HOG: Any animal belonging to the Suidae family of mammals, especially the pig, the warthog, and the boar.
  • ALOOF: At or from a distance, but within view, or at a small distance; apart; away.
  • DISCLOSURES: Plural form of disclosure (the act of revealing something).
  • GAL: An adolescent girl or young woman.
  • VACANT: Not occupied; empty.
  • MID: Amid.
  • AD: Short form of advertisement – (A recommendation of a particular product, service or person).
  • EGO: The self, especially with a sense of self-importance.
  • TEMPED: Simple past tense and past participle of tempt (a temporary employee, usually in an office).
  • PETS: plural of pet.
  • RESCUE: To save from any violence, danger or evil.
  • SHY: Easily frightened; timid.
  • PET: Initialism of polyethylene terephthalate.
  • VAT: A large tub, such as is used for making wine or for tanning.
  • BRIGADE: A group of people organized for a common purpose.
  • SAC: Acronym of senior aircraftman.
  • MAST: Initialism of military antishock trousers; inflatable trousers that apply pressure to the inferior half of a patient’s body to decrease blood loss and prevent the onset of shock, similar to a tourniquet.
  • UNCLASP: to release the clasp from something.
  • EMUS: plural of emu.
  • ABORTED: Brought forth prematurely.
  • EH: Used as a tag question, to emphasise what goes before or to request that the listener express an opinion about what has been said.
  • UNMOVED: Not physically moved.
  • HO: Initialism of Heckler-Ohlin (thereom).
  • OFFENDS: Third-person singular simple present indicative form of offend (to hurt the feeling of; to displease; to make angry; to insult).
  • SUE: To file a legal action against someone, generally a non-criminal action.
Knotwords Answers - Saturday, June 25, 2022 Daily Classic Puzzle
Knotwords Answers – Saturday, June 25, 2022 Daily Classic Puzzle

Knotwords FAQ

Where can I play Knotwords?

Knotwords is available to download and play on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. The base game is free-to-play, but users can subscribe for $4.99/year or $11.99 for lifetime access to more puzzles, more hints, statistics, and customization.

How do I play Knotwords?

The objective of Knotwords is to solve the anagrams presented to you. Each puzzle typically consists of intersecting anagrams that you can solve to make words in a crossword-like grid. Players can access hints along the way and even track their progress with a paid subscription. Invalid guesses are automatically highlighted in pink.

When does the Knotwords daily puzzle reset?

Knotwords’ daily puzzle resets every day at midnight local time. Players can access all the previous daily puzzles for the week and access the archive with a paid subscription.

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