Lost Skies: Soar into a New Adventure in this Open World

Lost Skies is an upcoming open-world game that invites players to explore a vast sky filled with floating islands, where danger and discovery go hand in hand.

Prepare for lift-off! Bossa Studios, the creative minds behind Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, are back with an exhilarating new co-op adventure, Lost Skies. In the game, players will navigate a world teeming with opportunities for high-flying adventure. With up to 6-player coop, players will build a custom sky-ship, brave the fiercest storms, battle monstrous creatures, and uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations and forgotten technologies.

This game isn’t just about exploration; it’s about survival. You’ll need to fortify your ship to withstand treacherous storm walls and bolster your defenses to fend off hostile enemies. Whether you’re a solo player or part of a team, Lost Skies offers an immersive experience.

Lost Skies Animated Trailer

The minute-long Lost Skies trailer resembles a new show more than it does an upcoming video game. In it, players are exposed to the smooth movement mechanics and unique characters featured in the game. 

While the animated trailer does little to actually provide solid gameplay, the developers of the game also provided a quick dev diary better outlining some of the core mechanics of gameplay. 

Lost Skies is set to release on PC. For more information, visit the game’s website. You can also wishlist the game on Steam now. 

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