Mighty Omega Trello Link (April 2024)

The Mighty Omega Trello has everything you need to know about the popular Roblox game.

Roblox Mighty Omega is an experience created by Kengun Omega where players must train and learn new techniques to become more powerful. Based on popular animes like Kengan Ashura, Berserk, and Street Fighter, this game is a blast once you get to a higher level. To become the best warrior you can be, it would be smart for you to visit the Mighty Omega Trello link and read up on everything there is to know about the game.

Join the Mighty Omega Discord server to chat with other players and learn more about the game.

Here is a link to the Mighty Omega Trello: https://trello.com/b/xtViADF8/mighty-omega-info

Click on the Trello link above to open up a new window and start browsing the various boards dedicated to the game. The Trello contains information about the different fighting styles, locations in the game, dojos & gyms, as well as transformations.

What is the Mighty Omega Trello?

The Mighty Omega Trello is a board designed to store information about the Roblox experience. The Trello is broken down into the following sections:

  • Basic Summaries
  • Clans
  • Training and Stats
  • Styles
  • Cosmetic Stances for Rhythms
  • Gyms for Styles
  • Locations and Shop
  • The Kengan Association
  • Territories
  • Transformations
  • Ranked,
  • The Challenge of 100
  • The Challenge of 200
  • Aptitudes
  • Challenge of 200 techniques
  • Recipes
  • FAQ

The Trello is incredibly useful for learning the different locations around the map, including the Hospital, Residential District, and Gym. It’s also great for learning about the different transformations, including The Flow State, Beserk, and The Niko Style’s Advance. If you are just getting started in the game and have rolled a brand new character, give the Mighty Omega Trello a look before you start playing so you know what to do.

You can also find patch notes and update details in Trello, including any new additions they make to the game over time.

That’s all you need to know about the Mighty Omega Trello. Players should visit our Roblox Section for more guides, codes, and information on the best Roblox games. Be sure to check out our Roblox games Trellos page to find more boards for your favorite experiences, as well!