Is There An Official Wordle App?

If you're searching for Wordle on the app store, you might be wondering if any of the results are legit.

Wordle took the world by storm in early 2022. The seemingly simple yet addicting web-based word game was created by Josh Wardle in late 2021 and was later acquired by The New York Times Company, skyrocketing its popularity to new heights. Most people are familiar with the game, but some players might wonder if there is an official Wordle app.

Is There An Official Wordle App?

There is no official standalone Wordle app available for mobile devices. However, mobile users can find the game on the New York Times website or The New York Times Crossword app on Google Play and the App Store.

The easiest way to play Wordle on a phone or mobile device is simply by going to the New York Times website. You can play Wordle for free and do not need an account unless you want to track your stats and receive email reminders.

Are the Wordle Games on the App Store Legit?

If you visit the App Store or Google Play and search for “Wordle,” you’ll probably see hundreds of games with the same name or some slight variation. Some of these games have millions of downloads, and you may have even installed one yourself, thinking it was the real deal.

Unfortunately, these games are not endorsed by or affiliated with the official Wordle game, which The New York Times Company now owns. These Wordle apps are clones or straight-up copies of the real game. 

Some mobile developers aim to capitalize on the popularity of a game or trend by creating an app with the same name. Unsuspecting phone users will then open their app store, type in the query, and download the first thing they see. Obviously, this can be very profitable, which is why many copycats are out there.

A developer by the name of Zach Shakked detailed exactly how profitable cloning Wordle can be on Twitter:

There are currently two popular apps that utilize the name Wordle:

  1. Wordle! by Lion Studios Plus
  2. Wordle by Fatcat Studios Ltd

Apple has removed some of the copycats from the App Store, according to Ars Technica, but they just seem to keep popping up. The reason that other games can have the same name? Well, as it turns out, it doesn’t seem that James Wardle ever filed for the trademark. In fact, according to the article, other Wordle games pre-date Wardle’s version. What a mess.

Time will tell if the New York Times plans to roll out an official standalone app for the popular word game.

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