Path of Exile Shatters All-Time Concurrent Player Record

Crucible League sees a 33% increase in players over the all-time peak.

Update on April 10: Path of Exile announced on Twitter they hit a new record of 321,180 concurrent players, beating the previous record by over 50,000 concurrent players.

The original article follows:

The year of action RPG games is finally here. With Diablo 4 around the corner, and Grinding Gear Games’ ExileCon taking place this summer, hack-and-slash fans have much to look forward to in the year ahead. To quantify the hype, you can take a look at the Path of Exile numbers on Steam, which have skyrocketed due to the release of the latest league, Crucible.

Path of Exile has shattered the all-time concurrent player peak on Steam of 158,882, previously set back in February 2022 during the free Siege of the Atlas expansion. Path of Exile’s new all-time player peak is 211,637 at the time of writing, but this number will likely increase Friday evening into Saturday. 

Keep in mind that this number of players does not include those playing on the stand-alone Path of Exile client, which is likely a significant portion of players. These numbers only account for those playing Path of Exile through Steam. 

That said, estimates have been that the player split between Steam and client users is about 60/40. With that distribution in mind, we can assume there are roughly 350,000 players on Path of Exile at this very moment. And again, this number may increase throughout the weekend.

You can keep an eye on the numbers yourself by checking the Path of Exile charts on SteamDB. Congratulations to Grinding Gear Games for their most popular season launch to date. Only time will tell how the community receives the season’s mechanics.

If you’re experiencing Diablo 4 withdrawals from the open beta, we highly recommend giving Path of Exile a try. You can learn more about it on the Path of Exile website and download it for free. Microtransactions consist entirely of in-game cosmetics and quality-of-life features.