Pocket Chess Level 35 Mate in 2 Answer

We have a walkthrough for the answers to the Pocket Chess level 35 mate in 2 puzzle, including the correct solution and an image guide.

Pocket Chess is a puzzle game where players are put into various situations on a chessboard and must solve them using critical thinking. The objective is to checkmate the opposing color’s king in a specified amount of moves. The puzzles become more challenging as you progress through the game, with tougher puzzles having more complex solutions requiring a higher number of moves.

We have the answer to the Pocket Chess Level 35 Mate in 2 puzzle. Below, you will find the exact steps to solve this puzzle, including exactly where to move the pieces to checkmate the king. You may be looking for the answer to avoid using any in-game hints, which requires using coins, a difficult currency to obtain in Pocket Chess.

Pocket Chess Level 35 Mate in 2 Answer

The answer to the Pocket Chess Level 35 Mate in 2 puzzle is:

  • Move pawn to c3
  • Move pawn to b4

In this puzzle, we have a load of pawns to work with, along with a single bishop moving on the black diagonals. We’ll start by forcing the king back by moving the pawn to c3. Next, we can seal the deal by moving the pawn to b4. Luckily, our pawn on a4 is backed by the bishop, leaving black’s king with no options.

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That’s the complete walkthrough and answer for level 35 in Pocket Chess, which requires a mate in 2 moves. You will encounter many challenging puzzles are you progress through the game, including the one-off “very hard” puzzles that usually require 4+ moves for a checkmate. You can check out our Pocket Chess section for more puzzle solutions if you ever get stuck.