Quordle Answers (October 2022) – Today’s Solution

We have the Quordle answers for today and all the previous historical solutions for yesterday and the past 30 days.
Quordle Answers

Quordle is a spinoff of the innovative word puzzle game that has been spreading like wildfire on social media. The original daily puzzle game has players trying to figure out a mysterious five-letter word in six guesses. Quordle, on the other hand, has players trying to figure out four words in nine tries or less. If you like a challenge and are addicted to word puzzle games, this game’s for you.

Figuring out the Quordle is never an easy task. There’s no shame in running out of ideas for words to guess, and that’s why we’ve made this Quordle answers post. Do your best to try and figure out the four mystery words on your own. But when all else fails, you can check out the answers in the list below.

Quordle Answers

Today's Quordle answer for October 5 is BILGE, GLEAM, EXACT, TODAY

October Quordle Answers

  • Quordle 253 (October 4) Answer: LLAMA, OTTER, MUCKY, EMBED
  • Quordle 252 (October 3) Answer: AMEND, GRAVY, CHAMP, BOAST
  • Quordle 251 (October 2) Answer: HEDGE, BEGIN, STUNG, SPINY
  • Quordle 250 (October 1) Answer: BASIS, WAIVE, VAPOR, IRONY

September Quordle Answers

  • Quordle 249 (September 30) Answer: PUBIC, ENNUI, UNDUE, EXCEL
  • Quordle 248 (September 29) Answer: FLINT, FLAIL, HAZEL, RUMBA
  • Quordle 247 (September 28) Answer: TRASH, TRUSS, FETAL, APHID
  • Quordle 246 (September 27) Answer: FECAL, GLOBE, MASON, SWEEP
  • Quordle 245 (September 26) Answer: ENDOW, TWEET, COVER, AUDIT
  • Quordle 244 (September 25) Answer: TRIED, FATAL, OWNER, GAFFE
  • Quordle 243 (September 24) Answer: TRUMP, APING, TRIPE, SAVVY
  • Quordle 242 (September 23) Answer: SHALL, DWELL, CRUST, WILLY
  • Quordle 241 (September 22) Answer: ADEPT, PLEAD, COMET, DECAL
  • Quordle 240 (September 21) Answer: UNITY, GLOOM, TROPE, LEMUR
  • Quordle 239 (September 20) Answer: LOFTY, FEIGN, CHEST, BERTH
  • Quordle 238 (September 19) Answer: ARTSY, UNDID, LEANT, AMEND
  • Quordle 237 (September 18) Answer: SHAKY, PSALM, BELLE, STAGE
  • Quordle 236 (September 17) Answer: BLEED, RENAL, BUXOM, STALL
  • Quordle 235 (September 16) Answer: THROB, COYLY, ENSUE, ABOVE
  • Quordle 234 (September 15) Answer: WOOZY, PILOT, CHAIR, SNUFF
  • Quordle 233 (September 14) Answer: ANGLE, CIGAR, STILT, CAPER
  • Quordle 232 (September 13) Answer: HEIST, DROWN, ALGAE, BELLE
  • Quordle 231 (September 12) Answer: SNEAK, OTHER, VERSE, BADGE
  • Quordle 230 (September 11) Answer: MINCE, RACER, BILLY, ULCER
  • Quordle 229 (September 10) Answer: CHAFF, LOWLY, SWORE, PAPER
  • Quordle 228 (September 9) Answer: CLUMP, POUND, AISLE, WINCH
  • Quordle 227 (September 8) Answer: STALK, CRIER, HARSH, WELSH
  • Quordle 226 (September 7) Answer: GLAZE, FLINT, STOOP, ABUSE
  • Quordle 225 (September 6) Answer: TODAY, DWELL, WRING, TACIT
  • Quordle 224 (September 5) Answer: SOLAR, QUELL, SHUSH, SHARE
  • Quordle 223 (September 4) Answer: TWIXT, PRONE, PYGMY, STOKE
  • Quordle 222 (September 3) Answer: SEVER, CANAL, WELSH, GLOAT
  • Quordle 221 (September 2) Answer: TIBIA, FLAKY, MISER, GRATE
  • Quordle 220 (September 1) Answer: WORST, NUTTY, REACT, SNIPE

August Quordle Answers

  • Quordle 219 (August 31) Answer: TREND, AMAZE, SAUCE, THINK
  • Quordle 218 (August 30) Answer: BROAD, BRACE, HIPPO, GOOEY
  • Quordle 217 (August 29) Answer: COUNT, BUGGY, LOAMY, CLOSE
  • Quordle 216 (August 28) Answer: CLINK, BELIE, SAUTE, LOCAL
  • Quordle 215 (August 27) Answer: USURP, GORGE, HAVEN, CANAL
  • Quordle 214 (August 26) Answer: SPANK, FERRY, KOALA, CROWN
  • Quordle 213 (August 25) Answer: STALK, TRACK, GAUZE, CHAFE
  • Quordle 212 (August 24) Answer: PURSE, GUIDE, DAISY, FLAIR
  • Quordle 211 (August 23) Answer: CRONY, CLEAN, REGAL, HASTY
  • Quordle 210 (August 22) Answer: PEDAL, ALLEY, EMBED, TRUMP
  • Quordle 209 (August 21) Answer: TOUGH, DYING, PLUME, DOUGH
  • Quordle 208 (August 20) Answer: CANNY, NOMAD, CABIN, SNORT
  • Quordle 207 (August 19) Answer: ASCOT, FEIGN, CHALK, EAGER
  • Quordle 206 (August 18) Answer: LOUSE, MANOR, RAJAH, THETA
  • Quordle 205 (August 17) Answer: SPINY, WALTZ, ORGAN, ALONE
  • Quordle 204 (August 16) Answer: SEIZE, BEGAN, PEACH, ANGST
  • Quordle 203 (August 15) Answer: GROAN, SCARE, FECAL, CLANK
  • Quordle 202 (August 14) Answer: AUDIO, DEALT, CHART, INBOX
  • Quordle 201 (August 13) Answer: FRUIT, FERAL, LATTE, EQUAL
  • Quordle 200 (August 12) Answer: CAROL, SORRY, SCONE, AZURE
  • Quordle 199 (August 11) Answer: BERET, CATTY, PUFFY, SPUNK
  • Quordle 198 (August 10) Answer: LOWLY, GHOST, BLAZE, BAYOU
  • Quordle 197 (August 9) Answer: DRYLY, SPANK, KNOCK, PUREE
  • Quordle 196 (August 8) Answer: CLIMB, WRIST, LEERY, PRONE
  • Quordle 195 (August 7) Answer: KNAVE, NEEDY, SKILL, GLOVE

Quordle Answers FAQ

How do I play Quordle?

Quordle is free to play on the official Quordle website. The objective is to guess four mystery five-letter words in nine tries or less. Each guess must be a valid five-letter word, and the tile colors will tell you if you guessed a correct or incorrect letter. Green letters mean the letter is in the mystery word in the exact location as your guess. Yellow letters mean the letter is correct, but the position is wrong.

How do I share my Quordle results?

After solving, or failing to solve, a puzzle, a box pops up with your stats and results. Tap the share button to copy your results to your clipboard. Right-click and paste (or press CTRL+V) your results on social media like Twitter and Reddit to share them with your friends and other Quordlers.

When does the Quordle Reset?

Quordle resets every day at midnight local time.

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