Race Clicker Codes: Free Wins (April 2024)

Get free wins to gain more speed with our up-to-date Race Clicker codes list.

Race Clicker is an experience that puts a twist on the popular clicker genre of games on the Roblox platform. In this game, players put their clicking skills to the test to see who’s the fastest. Collect wins to hatch pets and get more speed, and see if you have what it takes to reach the end.

New players can use the Race Clicker codes list below to get free wins. Use the free wins to hatch some pets and get a headstart in the game. The only catch is that codes don’t last forever, so you might want to bookmark this page and check back soon for updates.

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April 12 2024: We checked for new Race Clicker codes.

Race Clicker Codes

Active Race Clicker codes:

  • Spring: x3 Win Boost
  • Atlantis: x2 Win Boost, x3 Win Boost, x3 Luck Boost, 1 Auto Click Boost, x5 Acceleration Boost, 100% Acceleration Boost
  • ULTRAHUGEUPDATE: 10 x3 Luck Boost, 10 x3 Win Boost
  • happyanniversaryraceclicker: Boost Bundle
  • 500mvisits: x3 Luck Boost
  • goodupdate: x3 Win Boost
  • happy4thofjuly: Pet and Boosts
  • freepet: Pet and Boosts
  • winsop2: X3 Wins boost
  • x330min5: X3 Win Boost
  • x3wincode2: 2x X3 Wins boost
  • obbyboost: 2x X3 Wins boost & 2x X2 Wins boost
  • newcodewin1: X3 Wins boost
  • X3WINS012: x3 Wins for 15 Minutes
  • x3upd1: X3 Wins boost
  • FREEPET1: Free Pet
  • X3WOWCODE: Boosts
  • UPDATECLICKCODE: Auto Click Boost
  • opx3code: x3 Wins for 15 Minutes
  • 500KLikes: 100 Wins
  • Almost100MVisits: 25 Wins
  • 1MGroupMembers: 15 Wins
  • ThanksFor5MillionsVisits: 8 Wins
  • LetsGo5KLikes: 6 Wins
  • NewUpdate: 3 Wins

Expired Race Clicker codes:

  • ThankYou50M

What are Roblox Race Clicker Codes?

Race Clicker codes are strings of letters and numbers given out by the game developer. These limited-time codes can be redeemed in-game for free wins, which can be used to purchase new pets that help you go faster. Codes expire after a short time, so check them often to avoid missing out on freebies.

How do I redeem codes for Race Clicker?

Race Clicker players can redeem codes by following the steps below:

  1. Launch Race Clicker on the Roblox platform.
  2. Tap on the Codes button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Enter an active code from the list above and tap Redeem.
  4. Enjoy your free wins.

How do I get more Race Clicker codes?

The best way to get new codes for Race Clicker is by following the Race Clicker Roblox page. You can also follow the developers on Twitter to stay up-to-date with any announcements. We monitor all the known code sources here and add them to our code wiki for your convenience, so follow along if you never want to miss out on freebies.

To play Race Clicker, download the Roblox application from Google Play and the App Store.