Reaper 2 Codes: Cash and Rerolls (December 2023)

Get free rolls, stat resets, and lots of in-game cash with our new and up-to-date Reaper 2 codes list.

Reaper 2 is a popular Roblox experience that takes inspiration from the popular Japanese anime series Bleach. In this series, the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki obtains supernatural abilities from a Soul Reaper. His powers leave him responsible for protecting humans from evil in his hometown, Karakura. Players can complete quests to become stronger, level up, and obtain new skills.

You can use the Reaper 2 codes list below to redeem free in-game stat rolls, cash, and more. These freebies will put you on the right track if you want some free race rolls, secondary rolls, stat resets, and in-game cash. Keep in mind that new codes are often released, so keep an eye on this page, as we will update the list as soon as a new code is available.

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December 19 2023: 14 Reaper 2 codes expired.

Reaper 2 Codes

Active Reaper 2 codes:

  • NEWHXH?: 25K Cash
  • NewRacePls: Race Reroll
  • PLAYHxM: 5 Legendary Spins
  • NewPrestigeBuff: Prestige Reset
  • APOLOGY!!: 20K Cash
  • REAPER3: free rewards
  • MINAZUKI: free rewards
  • MONIEPLS: free 5k cash
  • xaxis?: 1 legendary spin
  • DxLikesWomen: 5 spins
  • JOEBEARD: free cash
  • PARTYSTUNFIX: 1 pet spin
  • CAPTURETHEFLAG: free 15k cash
  • UNRANKED: free 25k cash
  • RACEREROLLPRIMERO: free 25k cash
  • FIRSTPETCODE: reset points
  • BUYSPINS!: free 1.5k cash
  • LEGENDARYSPINPLS: 1 legendary spin
  • Spin2win: 5 spins
  • NEWSPINNER?: secondary reroll
  • SHINSOPLS: secondary reroll
  • YAKRUSISAWESOME: secondary reroll
  • RESETPOINTS3: stat reset
  • FREECASH??: free 20k cash
  • NEWRACEPLS2: race reroll
  • NEWSKILLTREE: stat reset
  • freeSECONDARYREROLL: secondary reroll
  • freeSECONDARYREROLL2: secondary reroll
  • freeRACEREROLL2: race reroll
  • CHRISTMASRACEREROLL2?: race reroll
  • WAVE1: secondary reroll
  • bugfixes00: free 10k cash
  • YAKRUSISGONE1: free cash
  • NEWFB?1: secondary reroll
  • REROLLGOODBYE1: race reroll
  • AURAKENANDTVLUPDATE: secondary reroll
  • HEBACK: secondary reroll
  • FULLBRINGHYPE: race reroll
  • THANKYOUFORPAT14NCE: free 25k cash
  • RANDOM3: free 30k cash
  • REIATSUFINE: reroll reiatsu color
  • REIATSUFINEV2: reroll reiatsu color
  • REIATSUFINEV3: reroll reiatsu color
  • RANDOM: free 5k cash
  • RANDOMV2: free 5k cash
  • RANDOMZANPAKUTOZ: reroll zanpakuto
  • QUINCYGUNS: reroll quincy bow
  • QUINCYBIGSWORD: reroll quincy saber
  • KUCHILOARROGANTE: free 25k in-game cash
  • REEEEEEEE: 5k cash
  • REALDANGAl24: 10k cash (add space in front of code)
  • SPRESETFORFIXES: skill and node reset
  • JUSTCASH: free 10k in-game cash
  • 100KLIKESPATCH: free skin and 10k in-game cash
  • HoguMoney3: free 10k in-game cash
  • HoguMoney2: free 10k in-game cash
  • HoguMoney1: free 15k in-game cash
  • Secondroll2: secondary reroll
  • Secondroll: secondary reroll
  • ReaperRoll: race reroll
  • Reaper2Roll: race reroll
  • AizenReset: stat reset
  • BIGPLANSHUGEPLANS: free 10k in-game cash
  • ACTUALSKILLPOINTSRESET: stat and soul nodes reset
  • JUSTCAUSEILOVEYOU: stat and soul nodes reset
  • SupaSupriseNight: free 25k in-game cash
  • IWILLHMPH: free 10k in-game cash
  • THANKYOUFORPLAYING: race reroll, stat reset
  • PREPAREFORPART2: free 10k in-game cash
  • PARTOFTHEPLAN: race reroll, stat reset
  • AIZENPART1: race reroll, stat reset
  • SHEESHGOTHACKED: free 5K in-game cash
  • WEAPOLOGIZE: secondary reroll
  • PRAYFORZENOKEI: free 5K in-game cash
  • THANKYOUFORSTAYING: free 20K in-game cash
  • ZenokeiWasHere: race reroll
  • PrideMonthYass: secondary reroll
  • UPDTBALANCE1: free in-game cash
  • BCASH11: free 5K in-game cash
  • SUNDAYFUNDAY: free 30K in-game cash
  • SUPRISECASH20K: free 20K in-game cash
  • RESETPOINTS3: stat reset
  • RESETPOINTS2: stat reset
  • RESETPOINTS1: stat reset
  • SecondayRoll2: secondary roll
  • SecondayRoll1: secondary roll
  • Follow@ZenokeiRBLXOnTwitter: free 10K in-game cash
  • SubscribeZenokeiRBLXOnYoutube: free 10K in-game cash
  • CashDAY: free 10K in-game cash

Expired Reaper 2 codes:

  • Zen1
  • Zen2
  • NozaCash
  • NozaCrazy
  • NozaReset
  • DxWasHere
  • DxLikesMen
  • VizardReqFix
  • Sorry1
  • Sorry2
  • VizarReaction
  • VizardCash
  • VizardTimes
  • SubZenokei
  • MaskReset
  • FollowZenokei
  • DELAY1
  • prestigeVasto
  • prestigeAdjuchacar

We will update the codes as they release. Please comment below if you want to add one to the list or have an update for us!

What are Roblox Reaper 2 codes?

Reaper 2 codes are strings of letters and numbers given out by the game developer. These limited-time codes can be redeemed in-game for rolls, stat resets, and free in-game cash. Codes expire after a short time, so check them often to avoid missing out on freebies.

How do I redeem codes for Reaper 2?

Roblox players can redeem codes in Reaper 2 by launching the game, loading into a server, and scrolling down on the menu on the right side of the screen. Press M to bring up the menu if it is hidden. The Twitter icon button opens up the codes redemption menu, allowing you to manually enter or copy and paste codes to redeem for in-game rewards.

How do I get more Reaper 2 codes?

The best way to get new codes for Reaper 2 is by following the developers on Twitter, joining the community on Discord, and subscribing to the game channel on YouTube. Additionally, you can join the Roblox group for daily rewards and game announcements. We monitor all of the known code distribution locations and add them to our code wiki here for your convenience.

To play Reaper 2, download the Roblox application from Google Play and the App Store.