Red Dead Online July 11, 2023 Naturalist Update Details

This week in Red Dead Online, players are encouraged to commune with the wildlife and thrive as a Naturalist.

The frontier is teeming with animals, and those who choose to study and protect them rather than hunt will reap double rewards in RDO$ and XP. This includes Naturalist Sample Sales, Legendary Animal Protection Free Roam Events, and more, all available through July 31. Get all the Read Dead Online, July 11, 2023, Naturalist Update details below. 

Red Dead Online July 11, 2023 Naturalist Update Details

Naturalists who have acquired the Naturalist’s Sample Kit from Strawberry (available at 10 Gold Bars off through July 31) can benefit from studying the fauna of the frontier. Reaching Rank 5 as a Naturalist allows players to launch Legendary Animal Sighting Missions from Harriet’s tent, which offers 2X XP and Role XP. Protecting the Sapa Cougar, Moonstone Wolf, and other Legendary Animals during Free Roam Events will earn players 2X RDO$ and XP.

Naturalist Sample Sales

Naturalists who use non-lethal sedative ammunition to tranquilize animals and extract samples for delivery to conservationist Harriet Davenport will earn Double Rewards this month. Selling a sample to Harriet each week will also earn players additional rewards:

  • July 11 – 17: An Offer for 40% off a Novice or Promising Naturalist Role Item
  • July 18 – 24: An Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item
  • July 25 –31: A Reward for a Lake Isabella Treasure Map

Naturalist Free Roam Events

In addition to the Legendary Animal Protection Free Roam Events, players should watch for invites to the Wild Animal Tagging and Wildlife Photographer Free Roam Events, which also offer Double RDO$ and XP.

The Naturalist Free Roam Events
Rockstar Games

Bonus Rewards

There are more ways to earn extras and rewards this month by taking on an assortment of other activities, including:

  • Completing a Blood Money Opportunity to receive the brown Morales Vest 
  • Crafting a Coat or Trinket at Gus’ Store to receive 42 rounds of Buckshot Incendiary Shotgun Shells
  • Completing a round of Wildlife Photography to receive the tan Raccoon Hat 
  • Hunting any Legendary Animal to receive the tan Diamondback Hat
  • Sampling any Legendary Animal to receive the limited-time Furred Gloves in tan and black
  • All Naturalists who play Red Dead Online this month will receive 2 Potent Predator Bait and 2 Potent Herbivore Bait

Featured Series Calendar

The Featured Series offers players the chance to test their competitive skills and earn Double Rewards this month:

  • July 11 – 17: Head for the Hills Series (Hardcore)
  • July 18 – 24: Plunder and Spoils of War Series (Hardcore)
  • July 25 – 31: Lemoyne Series

Free Community-Inspired Outfit

RanaAzul of the RedDeadFashion subreddit has created an elegant look perfect for an avid researcher, gardener, or party guest. Visit the General Store, participating Tailors, or order the necessary pieces from the Catalogue to complete this look for free:

  • Puff Tie
  • Cuffed Town Pants
  • Traditional Vest
  • Frill Shirtwaist (Female) or Collar Overshirt (Male)
  • Riding Habit Jacket (Female) or Worsted Coat (Male)
  • Homestead Boots (Female) or Cobbled Boots (Male)
  • Sagemoor Hat — Naturalists at Rank 5 or above can claim The Sagemoor Outfit for free this month to get this stylish chapeau.

That’s all for this week in Red Dead Online. Remember, the wilderness is waiting for those who choose to protect it. Happy trails, Naturalists!

See the official Rockstar blog for the full notes. 

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