RDC 2022 Showcases New Roblox Graphics and Facial Tracking

The future of Roblox looks bright at RDC 2022

The Roblox Developer Conference 2022, or RDC 2022, is the biggest Roblox meeting of the year, bringing together the most talented creators on the platform. This year, much was revealed during the conference, including new advertising and game portal mechanics, face tracking, and new and upgraded graphics and avatars. 

Move Over Meta

One of the coolest features revealed at this year’s RDC 2022 was the upgraded avatars players will be able to get their hands on. 

Fans of the classic Roblox graphics have nothing to fear as they will still be part of the game. But players looking for a more immersive experience with better graphics will gain access to a host of new avatars they can customize. 

In addition to boosted graphics, you’ll be able to use face tracking with your smartphone or webcam–meaning that when you speak, your avatar also speaks. Roblox will be emphasizing more on being able to voice chat with other players, making the entire experience more like VR than traditional Roblox. 

More Brand-Driven Experiences

If you were a fan of Wimbleworld and other officially sponsored Roblox experiences, you’re in luck because there are sure to be more of them added in the future. Roblox will be adding in-game advertisements that players will be able to interact with, and a new portal system that enables players to transport from one experience to another without exiting the Roblox client. 

RDC 2022
Screenshot via RDC 2022

A True Success Story

The explosive growth of Roblox over the past few years has been pretty amazing, to say the least. Roblox will continue to lean into user-generated content and will provide even more opportunities for creators on Roblox to produce and sell more content. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, creators sold over 792 million user-generated assets. 

You can watch the entire RDC 2022 show on YouTube.

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