Roblox Zo: Christmas Update (December 16)

The Zo Christmas update is here, bringing a new limited-time seasonal event and other exciting changes.

Roblox’s most popular samurai experience just received a seasonal update right in time for Christmas! If you’re unfamiliar, Zo is a samurai fighting game where players face off in intense player-versus-player combat with various weapons in unique arenas.

The Zo Christmas update adds a bunch of new skins, an exclusive new weapon, and a five-part limited-time seasonal event! We’ve got a full list of details below, taken via the Zo Discord.

Head over to our Zo codes page for in-game freebies, rewards, and limited-time items.

Zo Christmas Update Patch Notes

New Event: Christmas Event Part 1

Players can complete the five party limited-time Christmas Event to obtain fun rewards. Part one includes free Yen, Emote, Taunt, Kill Effect, and Weapon Skin. Part two is set to release next week, so stay tuned!

Exclusive Weapon: One Punch Caestus

Players can try their luck with a free daily spin to try and get the all-new exclusive weapon, One Punch Caestus!

New Skins

  • Sword, Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Battle Axe
  • Spear
  • Pitch Fork
  • Mini Axe
  • Machete


  1. Discord verification reward is now fixed, verify now in game! 
  2. Misclicking on mobile now fixed 
  3. Console users can now trade 
  4. Console users can now edit the clan page! 
  5. Sprint Toggle button on mobile fixed! 
  6. Becoming unsafe in safe zone is now fixed 
  7. Invisible players being seen in game are no more! 
  8. Huraishon Tanto is now visible! 
  9. Weapon animations are now fixed 
  10. Running with a weapon is now impossible, unless you are using the caestus 
  11. Baton now has its old sound 
  12. Stats board is fixed 12. Energy Claw Animations fixed

And that’s all, folks! You can play Zo on Roblox by heading over to the game page and clicking on the giant green play button. We’ll keep you posted whenever a new update releases in our Zo section.