School of Hierarchy Trello Link and Discord Server

School of Hierarchy game on Roblox

School of Hierarchy is a Roblox game inspired by the webtoon comic unOrdinary. It’s a fairly complex game, so learning everything there is to know will take most players a while. You’ll probably want to join the game’s Trello and Discord servers to speed up the learning process. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Visit the School of Hierarchy codes page to get free in-game items like experience, money, and limited-time rewards.

The School of Hierarchy Trello link is:

The Trello board contains several sections which include information about Events, Abilities, Items, NPCs, Raid Bosses, and Game Mechanics. It covers pretty much every aspect of the game, so no matter what you need to know, you can likely read about it there.

School of Hierarchy Discord Server

The School of Hierarchy Discord server is:

The School of Hierarchy Discord server contains a bunch of different chat rooms. You can find game updates and announcements channels, sneak peeks, developer chat rooms, and a section for players to talk with each other and learn more about the game.

We recommend joining Discord if you want to immerse yourself in the School of Hierarchy community. Chatting with other folks is a good way to learn more about the game and become a better player overall!

Is there a School of Hierarchy Wiki?

There is no official School of Hierarchy wiki at the moment, but the Trello board and Discord server contain all the information players need to know to succeed. Both locations are well-organized and broken down into categories, so you’ll know where to look if you want to learn about skills, items, NPCs, etc. 

You can visit the School of Hierarchy game page on Roblox to hop into the action. Feel free to visit our Roblox section to find more awesome Roblox games and claim some in-game freebies.

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