Shindo Life Trello Link and Discord (May 2023)

Use the Shindo Life Trello link to learn everything you need to know about the game, including the best combos on your team.

Shindo Life is a Roblox Experience developed by RELL World, based on the Naruto anime universe. In Shindo Life, you can use unique abilities to destroy enemies. There’s a lot to learn in the game, especially if you’re new, and there’s no better place to brush up on your knowledge than Trello and Discord.

The Shindo Life Trello link is:

Many experiences in Roblox have a Trello, which helps the developer communicate with players and reveal their plans for the future. While Wikis are useful, Trello’s are better because you can see what is upcoming in the game. The Shindo Life board has information about game commands, platforms, social links, cooldown information, balancing suggestions, and update information.

Shindo Life Discord Link

The Shindo Life Discord is:

The above link is the official Discord. Avoid joining other servers claiming to give away free items or game passes.

Shindo Life Trello Guide

The Shindo Life Trello guide contains the following information:

  • Global Cooldown Information
  • Game Commands

Shindo Life Global Cooldown Information

GCD or Global Cooldowns are for moves to prevent spam and infinite combos.

Here are the Global Cooldowns for Shindo Life:

  • GCD1 = Stun
  • GCD2 = AutoDodge (allowed mid combo)/Iframe/counter/TP Counter
  • GCD3 = Aggro Clones
  • GCD4 = Dunk Slam Stun
  • GCD5 = Senko: Spirit Bomb / Senko: Storm / teleport spammables
  • GCD6 = Overpowered block breakers (VOID)
  • GCD7 = Companion Stun
  • GCD8 = Old Counter Global CD (Not used) (back to GCD2) (VOID)
  • GCD9 = Breakaway (Combo Breakaway)
  • GCD10 = (Not used) (VOID)
  • GCD11 = Close Range Jutsu Stun (VOID)
  • GCD12 = Jutsu Iframe/no-Iframe Counter
  • GCD13 = AOE Pull/Click Pull

You can use an Autododge (GCD 2) and Breakaway (GCD9) to get out of combos in Shindo. Counters (GCD 2) can’t be used Mid Combo but are on the same Global Cooldown as dodges to prevent iframe spam. Certain frame and iframe moves are placed on GCD 12 (moves that aren’t combo starts)

Shindo Life Game Commands

Here are the different Shindo Life game commands:

  • Open in-game commands: !cmds
  • Close in-game commands: !ccmds

That’s everything you need to know about the Shindo Life Trello and Discord server. Check out our Roblox section if you don’t want to miss out on free gems and other in-game goodies. Get more codes for your favorite Roblox experience by visiting our Roblox game codes page.