Where to Find All 8 Egg Locations in Skytopia

Here's how to find and collect all eight egg locations in Skytopia, the futuristic Livetopia city on Roblox.

Skytopia is one of the popular new experiences on Roblox, and it’s a futuristic roleplaying game where players can journey around a high-tech city. The game receives several content updates, including hidden in-game items for players to find to receive badges and other goodies. This guide will show you where to find all eight Egg locations in Skytopia.

There are eight eggs hidden around the futuristic city of Skytopia. The eggs look more like blocks, each with a single letter, and they spell S-K-Y-T-O-P-I-A. Some of these eggs are in plain sight, but a few will require some adventuring and exploration. 

All 8 Egg Locations in Skytopia

  1. On the roof of the starting area
  2. On top of the Skyline Apartments building
  3. In front of the Skyline Apartments building
  4. On the platform underneath the Skyline Apartments
  5. On the glass walkway of the heart building
  6. Behind the blue arrow on top of the building
  7. At the Topia Tower Station platform
  8. On top of the Science building

You can find the first egg in the starting area of Skytopia. Launch the game, turn around, fly up to the roof, and the first egg (“S”) will be on top of the roof.

Skytopia Egg Location 1

Next, make your way to the Skyline Apartments building. It’s a tall building to your left with a big yellow sign that says “Skyline Apartments.” There are three eggs in this area. The second egg (“K”) is on the ledge behind the sign.

Skytopia Egg Location 2

The third egg is in front of the Skyline Apartments building. Look for the small grassy area with bushes and a tree. You will find the third egg (“Y”) next to the tree.

Skytopia Egg Location 3

Next, make your way underneath the Skyline Apartments building by flying off the edge. Underneath, you should see a floating platform with a road around it. The next egg (“T”) should be visible as you approach the platform.

Skytopia Egg Location 4

Make your way toward the warp gates. Keep your eyes peeled for the building with the pink heart on top of it. There are two glass connectors, and the next egg (“I”) is found on top of the glass connector/walkway.

Skytopia Egg Location 5

If you look around, you should see a building with a blue arrow on top of it. Fly toward the blue arrow, and find the “A” egg behind it on the roof. That’s where you can find the sixth egg.

Now it’s time to make your way to the nearby Topia Tower Station. You can spot it if you’re standing by the blue arrow from the previous location. Fly up to the station, and you can find the seventh egg on the platform.

Finally, make your way to the science building that’s shaped like a big purple planet. The final egg is at this building on the roof. Fly up to the top part of the science building to collect the eighth and final egg!

After collecting all eight eggs, you will unlock the “From the Past” badge in Roblox’s Livetopia! Those are all eight egg locations in Skytopia (Livetopia) on Roblox.